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2014-10-27 09:00:51
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Exchange your points for the following items!

Half a lemon

2000 J-Points

[Teufelsweib] creates your own personal youtube playlist for you
4500 J-Points

A fridge
10000 J-Points

A slightly smaller fridge
15000 J-Points

[Viking] sings you a national anthem of choice and uploads the voice clip here
20000000 J-Points

Drooled on plushie
500000000 J-Points

Additional Help wikis:

How to get Junk Points
Pointy Jar

Dramatis Junkies
Essence of Junk

Sister wiki:
Dramatis Frenchies

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2014-10-24 [Teufelsweib]: Its so official, isnt it?:3

2014-10-24 [Avaz]: Undoubtedly official.

2014-10-24 [Sagacious Turkey]: ...Official.

2014-10-24 [hanhepi]: It says it's official. At least I think it does.

2014-10-24 [Avaz]: It might say offal. Would still be accurate. XD

2014-10-24 [ally]: Could you make an official banner for my new project? Junk inspired by Junk?

2014-10-24 [SilverFire]: offal pooo.

2014-10-25 [Teufelsweib]: Officml pooo. I will when I get back on my laptop, I have the template there!:p

2014-10-25 [ally]: Good. Would it be possible to post the template somewhere on ET? Otherwise if you leave (God forbids :o) we'd have to make a new one.

2014-10-25 [Teufelsweib]: I will! To avoid situations like with the banner True made. Ill also give Robert a usb stick with the template on it, if I and the site might die and youre trying to retrieve everything you can contact him

2014-10-25 [ally]: Excellent ideas :)
Oh and it isn't made with some obscure program is it? Like the one True used?

2014-10-25 [hanhepi]: Even if she used an obscure program, I'm pretty sure that I could work with the template in either MS Paint or ArtRage. I think Paint might keep its professional appearance best.

2014-10-25 [ally]: I can't work with the new MS Paint :'(

2014-10-25 [Teufelsweib]: Its made in the new MS paint, yes, but thats also pretty obscure isnt it?:p

2014-10-25 [ally]: Indeed :3

2014-10-25 [hanhepi]: My kids have the windows 7 one, and that one sucks. I've still got Vista though, so Paint is still easy to use. :D

2014-10-25 [ally]: Lucky. Windows 8 is still a mystery to me :/

2014-10-27 [Teufelsweib]: if I had enough points to have Viking sing me a national anthem, I would definitely choose the Mexican one

2014-10-27 [ally]: But that has no words oO

2014-10-27 [Viking]: Wouldn't you rather have Anvilania?

2014-10-27 [ally]: No that's too easy :P

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