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Julie & Julia review

Directed by Nora Ephron

Starring Amy Adams, Meryl Streep & Chris Messina

This is a movie based on a book about a woman who takes it upon herself to make all of Julia Child's recipes in one year. She blogs about these recipes, and events in her life. The movie follows not only Julie, but also Julia Child and shows her struggles to learn how to cook in France, writing her cook book, and the trials of getting it published.

It's a pretty good movie, and it certainly inspired me to learn more about Julia Child, and then sparked my own interest in learning and trying her recipes. It's a little less awe-inspiring after I heard about her second book (where she writes of obsession with meat-cleaving and the affair she had on her husband). But I still thought it was good. I liked learning about Julia Child, since I think she's a great icon to the cooking industry. The movie itself had great actors and actresses, but the plot seemed a little dry at times.

I would suggest it to anyone, however. (:

/ [Akayume]

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