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Poem's Title: Little Bird
Roses in my apple tree,
Birds and flowers I do see;
Oh look, there goes a little bird!
I wish that I could fly...

If I could fly, I’d spread my wings,
And look at all the darling things.
The land, the sea, the people too!
Oh little bird, I’m so jealous of you.

And listen to your little voice!
It’s beautiful, I must say.
Why, if I could sing the way you do,
I’d probably sing all day.

You can fly... You can sing...
Oh please little bird, may I borrow your wings?
Your voice would be nice too;
Then I could be just like you!

If only I could fly...


Poem's Title: Observations

Look at the cloud-emblazoned sky. Wonder:
What would it be like to spread-eagle my body on the hard, wet earth
and let the sky come thundering down and swallow me?
I would be consumed by the gray-blue clouds with the burning golden edges,
I would be absorbed by the fluffy, immature baby lambs that flock at their giants parents’ sides like tattered wool flitting skyward.
To be eaten by the heavens would be a feeling of masochistic bliss, a
furious pleasure at my unearthly demise.

The earth, moving, changing around me—an ethereal dance I can’t comprehend. Wonder:
What if my eyes swelled to take in all,
and every detail were like a new friend to me, becoming a part of my being.
A mind would hold in every nuance of movement and alteration,
A bird’s tiny, fragile egg held between fingers—sugar spun and delicate, yet I can hold its feeling, not shatter the perfection with my frailty of incomprehension.
To take in everything (sun catches the blowing yellow bag, skimming
across the highway like a rabbit on the run) would be to transcend the common and become the beautiful.


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