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Character Name:

Josephina Flynn

User: [Kuehne]
Rank/Class/Title:Rogue, Mercenary
Prestige Class, Guild, or Kabal:(none)
Weight:150 lb
Build/Stature: Athletic, cut but yet feminine
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown with Red highlights
Flesh Tone: Light Golden Tan
-(Nationality): Consearian (Consearia is a fictional landmass I created. Physically looks Anglo-Saxon with slight Spanish overtones)
Clothing and Apparel: Typically wears a tunic, tight pants, and knee-high boots. However, she has been known to wear a dress on special occasions. She often wears a black hooded cloak. She likes to wear dark green and/or black.
Outstanding Marks or Features: It's not unlike her to bear the marks of recent battles, however she has no permanent scars. A soft pleasant beauty to her face and form, but her eyes show the pain and sorrow of her life.
(*No* Artworks, imagery or media)

Skills: Expert at swordplay, fairly well at a crossbow, rides her horse (Thundre) like second nature, stealth like the shadows themselves, seamstress (not many know about that last one)
Feats and Abilities: Majors in long sword (sometimes double welding) with a minor in daggers and crossbow. She also has been known to use various small oriental-style weapons such as a shuriken.
Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: light armor and proficient in melee weapons (especially blades) and fair at ranged weapons (especially crossbow). Although trained, hand-to-hand unarmed combat is her weakness.
-Weapons on hand: Silver Long sword on her left hip, a small dagger concealed in her boot.
Spell or Talent Use: Stealth (natural, not magical)
-Divine or Arcane Spell Use: No natural arcane abilities, but has the ability to perform spells if properly instructed.
-Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: Unusually agile and strong. Her physical healing is quicker than most.
-Psionic Abilities or Talents: (none)
Strengths and Weaknesses: Legendary in her warrior skills and stealth, but battles an inner emotional fight which she seems to be loosing. She tends to be very unpredictable.
Personality: Josephina is quickly angered and violent. Things that set her off most are pious religious folks, hypocrites, and the emotionally weak. Although primarily a loner, she likes to be around those who are true to themselves, whether that is good or evil. She is often brash, crude, blunt, and egotistical.
Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: Has an addiction to Ottish Spiced Ale
History: Josephina was born to a young, highly religious couple in Consearia. Their religious views, however, were not accepted by most. Still, they taught Josephina in accordance with their own faith. 
At the age of eight, Josephina and her family were attacked by a pack of werewolves. The attacked killed her mother and left her father paralyzed from the waist down. Josephina had managed to hide from the beasts as the townsmen drove off the pack.
Josephina's father wished to seek revenge for his wife's death, but knew he was unable to do so in his condition. He asked a cleric to bind his daughter's spirit with that of a great warrior. Although hesitant, the cleric agreed. Her father also spent the next 10 years training her how to fight.
Josephina was then sent on a quest to wipe out all werewolves. She fought many and killed many. Stories began to spread across Consearia, but no one really knew who she was.
Five years after she was sent on her quest, her father passed away.
She now seeks money by any means necessary (which usually includes killing someone or stealing.. things she knows well). She also struggles within between her religious upbringing and her warrior spirit. She feels she must live up to the legends spread about her, but deep inside she is still a scared little girl hiding in the corner and watching her mother get slaughtered. (I'm currently working on writing the full story at Josephina Flynn)
Equipment and Belongings: Josephina wears a amber stone with a black "F" carved into it. It once belonged to her mother. She owns a black house (Thundre) who is very dear to her. He is solid black save for a white strip down his nose. Loot bags and lock-picking items are not uncommon for her to carry. Occasionally she carries potions that she bought (or stole) from merchants. She is frequently seen in various markets, buying and trading for new goods.
Other: Due to the male warrior spirit tied to her own, she often finds herself attracted to beautiful young women. She rarely acts upon it however.
Developments and Updates: (none as of yet. We'll see where the story leds us.)

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