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2009-07-07 12:24:16
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jitter's wow fanart
see for spARTa

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2006-06-25 [Ocean Soul]: Ohhh great great great :D I just LOVE the tim burton harry-potter-pack xD And LUpin's cool too :o

2006-06-25 [Jitter]: Thanks :)

2006-08-05 [moira hawthorne]: cooooool tho I like the b/g in the other one better.. the texture orange moon and its postion better...

2006-08-05 [Jitter]: The background is what I hate in the other one -.-

2006-08-05 [moira hawthorne]: OH

2006-08-05 [Jitter]: Yeah cause in the art book it's not so dark.. This is edited on the computer >.<

2006-08-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: Yay another Wow addict! I have a gnome Rogue! =)

2006-08-23 [Jitter]: :) I have a human rogue 60 lvl :) The green gnome is [Rochala]'s lock ^_^

2006-09-09 [Blasphemous Rumours]: I think Jitter is a bit too talented =P

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