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2009-07-07 09:31:56
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Week 1: Spring

Breath of Spring

Week 2: Value

Value your friends

Week 3: Shell

Girl in the Shell

Week 4: Fruit

A Strange Fruit

Week 5: Rituals

Ritual of Souls

Week 6: Link

The Link to the other world

Week 7: Rock

One night she was brought here by the waves
dead starfish glittered in her hair
"Beauty" someone whispered "is a memorial,
where those forshaken by love bear gifts"

Week 8: Muse

Fernando, Moonspell and their music have always been my darkest muse

My own Theme #1: Ghosts of lovers past

Oh God, I want her back...

Week 9: Dystopia


The world has turned once more inside
Brought up a message from our dead
The ones you love the most
Are the ones you hurt as deep

Week 10: Empty/Grave/Last/Seeds/Wound


My last words above your bleeding wound left me so empty. I don't want to see your grave...

My own Theme #2: Spacegirl I've missed you

Self portrait

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2009-04-15 [Chimes]: Pretty. :]

2009-04-15 [Jitter]: Thanks :3 And I only used reference for the bird ^_^

2009-04-15 [Chimes]: What type of bird is it? :]

2009-04-15 [Jitter]: A swallow ^^

2009-04-15 [Chimes]: *bad thoughts* I've been in the forums for too long today... XD

2009-04-15 [Jitter]: Don't worry I thought of that too and I have abou 5k unread posts there :P

2009-04-15 [Chimes]: Whoooa.

2009-04-30 [arthemis_]: Jitter!! You made exactly the image of Shell what I had in mind! *pouts* Now I'm going to have to tweak it to be original :P

2009-05-01 [Jitter]: Meh sorry :P

2009-05-02 [arthemis_]: Lolz :D I came up with a totaaaally different idea :D 3D art as well :P So no worries it's going to be like yours! hihi... If I had drawn it first it wouldn't be as good as yours anyway ;)

2009-05-02 [Jitter]: Aw thank s:D

And it's an easy theme to think about, I wouldn't consider it stolen ;)

2009-05-02 [arthemis_]: My 'shell' picture is up :)

2009-06-28 [*micky*]: I love the little strip! And you even used alle the words^.~
Nice portfolio...

2009-06-28 [Jitter]: Thank you :) I have another SPN strip at Winchesterisms fanart section :)

2009-06-29 [*micky*]: Oeh, *goes check the wiki* I love that show! Shame we're still waiting on the 3th season to start :(

2009-06-29 [Jitter]: Aww then don't check my other comic cause it will spoil it for you :|

I watch them online. I'll go white till they air them here <.<

2009-07-19 [*micky*]: I didn't read it xD But the fan art is really nice^^
I still need to find them online where do you watch them?

2009-07-20 [Jitter]: I download the episodes from a torrent site. They're not out in my country so there's nothing more I can do. I can't way for the DVDs though. Boxy goodness

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