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Jerome Russell’s Punky Colour Violet Hair D review

Ever since I was young, and by that I mean four or five years old even, I longed for my hair to be coloured in anime-fashion. More specifically, I wanted my hair to be blue and/or purple in colour. I was brought up in a family that was far too conservative for my liking, and even in my rebellious, high-school years, I was unable to dye my hair any “controversial colours,” and the closest that I was able to tint my hair to the shades that I longed for it to be was when I dyed it a disappointing blue-black that turned out to be ever-so unflattering on me. Only recently, with my new-found, not-quite-career-type-job, I discovered through browsing the employee handbook that there are no official problems with having employees dye their hair unnatural colours. 

After making my discovery, I quickly made my way to Hot Topic, an Alternative clothing and goods store, where I picked myself up a small, 3.5 fluid ounce tub of Jerome Russell’s Punky Colour, a semi-permanent conditioning hair colour. The shade that I chose for myself was Violet, a colour that I thought would be more subtle than any of the other shades should management decide that hair colour was ever an issue within the company. The tub that the hair colour comes in is silver, purple and clear, though the clear portion of the tub is stained by the deep, dark purple paste inside the jar. Rather amusingly, the purple hair colour within smells interestingly of artificial grapes. This thick, gooey paste spreads on over hair easily, and stains readily. The tub itself contains very few instructions for use, but does detail directions enough that anyone who may have dyed their hair before would be able to successfully use this product. 

After washing and drying one’s hair, one should be certain to coat their hairline, ears, back of neck, etcetera with Vaseline in order to keep the product from staining skin during application. After coating one’s hair evenly with the product, one should allow the product to set on their hair for 15 to 30 minutes. The extra product rinses out of one’s hair quickly, and the stain left on hair remains in place for 5-40 washes, depending on strength of hair products used and how vigorously one washes their hair. Patch and strand testing is always recommended when hair colour is being changed. Some ingredients, which are not listed on the tub, may cause skin irritation on certain people. This product is NOT tested on animals.

While I loved the colour my hair ended up after using this product, I was not happy with how much the colour bled out of my hair, causing it to stain everything it touched. I ruined pillow-cases and bedsheets, and I had to reapply the colour every three days or so. I'm sure there are better hair colouring products out there other than this one, and I recommend looking for them before trying this product.

Made in U.S.A.

Pros: Leaves hair beautifully shaded, fairly inexpensive, smells great!
Cons: Stains EVERYTHING, is not permanent.

/ [Nioniel]

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