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Jaraden's drawings

there is a whole back story i have planned for this character. and like everything else i plan out, it is incredibly long winded. but basicly this is a demon who has become trapped in the realm of my book(s) and has been held prisoner by the faries and pixies of a mystical wood for a thousand years... there is more to it then that, but theres a tiny taste.
yup, it's me halloween drawing.. take some of that.. now give me a bledding badge!!! har har!
originally i had dome a numbre of character studies for my book(s), but frankly, i wasn't happy with any of them except this one. this is Laornar, i won't go into who he is cause there'll be a character study wiki coming shortly..
so there!
Jaraden happens to be my favorite character i ever created, he's been with me since i was a kid and has grown with me since. this is a study of him later in the future of my universe, mainly because the sword he carries has not been discovered until much later then my book(s).. so there.
yup, this is another study of Jaraden, but this time in the distant past even before the kingdom of Aultenvique was established.. there's actually a long story behind this image and why an elf would be clothed in such a manner.. but that must be left to another time!

yeah, i designed another demon way back in the day. but can you see the glaring error i made??? if you can then you'll win a prize!!! har har
yet another study of my main character Jaraden... having said that in my book(s) he's actually a secondary character, but that's besides the point.. i wanted to do a study of Jaraden's dragon scale armour, which like everything else has a lengthy back story.. what a surprise. anyhow i think it turned out well and once i colour it you'll notice the pulsating fire eminating from his left hand.. incase you were wondering why there is only half of him... or maybe not..
just like the LOTRs one of my main fiendish creatures are orcs, so i thought i'd do a study of them, and now that i think of it, i should be doing more of them, this one is ancient! anyhow, hope you like it! go go monsters!
another of deadly races is the Ogre, much larger then it's cousin the Orc and though not as intelegent is far more vicious. like the orc i desided to do a study of them, and like the previous picture i now realsie i should rejuvinate it.. still i do so love this drawing! ME CRUSH!
yet another drawing i did at my last place of employment, and yeah, it was all in pen as well.. this creature i do actually have a back story for and lengthy plans to utilise this race in furture book(s), if i get the chance.. hope youlike em, and now that i think of it, i should draw up some more monsters... i is lovin me monsters!!!!!!
i drew this one at my last place of employment completely with a biro-pen.. i have no idea how to use this creature in my book, but it looks wicked cool anyways!

/ [jaraden]

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2009-05-08 [Easterling]: I accidently wrote a comment that belonged to another wiki... *editing* :P

2009-05-08 [Iske]: your sute ot me Iske!!  In my language a 'sute" means a woosy :)  Still adore ya tho... x x x x

2009-05-08 [jaraden]: oooppssss.. yet another TYPO!!!! argh!!!!! i meant cute!!! you know what i mean though!!

and thanks Eaterling!!! glad you dig my creations!! hee hee!

2010-03-06 [Madhalf Heatlump]: Your art is mind blowingly good!!!

2010-03-06 [jaraden]: mind blowingly eh??? sweet, that would be freaking awesome if someone walking down some street seing my art in some random way and their head explodes!!! nice!! cheers dude!!

2010-03-06 [Yuriona]: ROFL! That would be awesome. XD

2010-03-06 [Madhalf Heatlump]: That appeals to my twisted sense of humor!!!

2010-03-08 [jaraden]: you and me both.. i could make a wicked funny film with all the bizare ideas floating round my head!! yar!

2010-05-04 [Hendercrazy]: Definitely some really cool pencilwork [jaraden]! :D *now watching* Feel free to add your art wikis over at Art Wikis of Elftown. :)

2010-05-05 [jaraden]: i would, and thanks for the invite, but i have no idea how that is acomplished!! is retarded when it comes to all the technical bits of creatin wikis ect... but seriously, glad you liked the page, should be some new stuff/ wiki on the horizon!! cheers again!

2010-05-05 [Hendercrazy]: I'd gladly add it for you if you want it listed there... so fellow Elftown artists and folks can find you better. Just let me know. :)

2010-05-06 [jaraden]: go for it if you want.. better you then me try!! cheers hun!

2010-05-06 [Hendercrazy]: Now added! :P

2010-05-07 [jaraden]: huge cheers!!! i'll have to pop over and check it out... immediately!! har har!

2010-05-13 [Priest Kel]: I must say you have some incredible artwork. However I found that glaring error in that demon picture. The guy has two right hands

2010-05-13 [moira hawthorne]: yeah thats been discussed several times in the comments already...
all artists make such 'oooppppps' now and than... from time immortal to the presents

in such ancient illuminated manuscripts such as The Book of Kells there are mistakes such as backwards feet hands

2010-05-14 [Priest Kel]: I just got here so I didn't realize it had already been discussed. My apologies

2010-05-14 [jaraden]: nicely done priest!! very few people notice that error!!! i only realised that after the image was done, but never changed it (its an old drawing) simple because it reminds me that even i can make huge mistakes.. ha! no worries on the reminder though, i pride myself on remembering that i have to take some time in every ilustration to make sure i haven't screwed up! cheers dude!!!

2010-05-14 [jaraden]: and as always moira, your absolutly correct.. but mistakes are meant to be made, infact we artist should thrive on them don't you think?

2010-05-14 [moira hawthorne]:
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams

2010-05-17 [jaraden]: see, hits it one again!! nicely done moira!!!!!!

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