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Japanese Classroom

Teacher: ---

Here you will learn to speak, read, and write basic and intermediate Japanese. Mind you, Japanese can be complicated and tedious. It requires a lot of memorization and study. Just a warning...


Japanese Students- Students sign in here.



Japanese Alphabets
Japanese Adjectives <- Under construction
Japanese Grammar <- Under construction
Japanese Numbers <- Under construction
Japanese Pronunciation Guide
Japanese Swears!
Japanese Verbs <- Under construction
Japanese Vocab <- Under construction
Kanji <- Under construction


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2005-06-20 [Akika_Inari]: lol..

2005-06-20 [arafel]: hahaha..i think i should be worried

2005-06-20 [Akika_Inari]: why? ^_^

2005-06-20 [arafel]: cuz...multiple crazy people is scary

2005-06-20 [Akika_Inari]: ah..not always...its usually rather interesting.

2005-06-20 [arafel]: well then, here take these party favors and distribute them to everyone who is that way the whole room is fun

2005-06-20 [Akika_Inari]: hmm...what normal people?

2005-06-20 [arafel]: there's gotta be one lurking around....i can smell him/her

2005-06-20 [Akika_Inari]: ::sniffs::

2005-06-20 [Nuktae-tal]: yea right! good luck with that!

2005-06-20 [Akika_Inari]: -^_^-

2005-06-20 [arafel]: haha...well im no croccodile hunter, so there's a good chance i could be wrong

2005-06-20 [Nuktae-tal]: hhmmm

2005-06-21 [arafel]: *ponders*

2005-06-21 [Nuktae-tal]: eh?

2005-06-21 [arafel]: *shrug*

2005-06-21 [Nuktae-tal]: hm

2005-06-21 [arafel]: ...ummm NARF!

2005-06-21 [Akika_Inari]: Pinky!!

2005-06-21 [arafel]: TROZ

2005-06-22 [Nuktae-tal]: uh

2005-06-22 [Teir'Dal]: CROIKEY!

2005-06-22 [arafel]: hahaha! oh that man is nuts

2005-06-25 [Akika_Inari]: hehehe!!

2005-06-25 [arafel]: ^_^

2005-06-25 [Mitsune]: And there, is the dangerous yet elusive Teir'dal, from the totallus geekus species. Watch now as I tackle it. *tackles* 

2005-06-25 [arafel]: Woah! be careful...i hear they bite! Do you want me to throw you a stick or anything?

2005-06-25 [Mitsune]: No, no. That may only provoke it! Notice the well-muscled thumb. That comes from all of the computer-game playing. Isn't he a beaut?!

2005-06-25 [arafel]: indeed...why i guess hes just a little under 6 ft long!

2005-06-25 [Akika_Inari]: ::sits and watches::

2005-06-25 [arafel]: you should videotape this, edward

2005-06-25 [Akika_Inari]: ::whips out videocamera:: gotcha.

2005-06-26 [arafel]: ok...ill just use this stick to aggravate the lil fella some more, and that way we got a great tape for Reality TV

2005-06-26 [Akika_Inari]: woo hoo! ::straightens camera::

2005-06-26 [arafel]: *poke poke* More?

2005-06-26 [Akika_Inari]: hmm...doesn't seem to be doin much...

2005-06-26 [arafel]: *poke poke, JAB!*  how about that?

2005-06-26 [Akika_Inari]: hmmm..::focuses::

2005-06-27 [Teir'Dal]: wow arafel how did you know i was just under 6 ft?

2005-06-27 [Teir'Dal]: oh.... ummm... ouch my ribs? how's that?

2005-06-27 [arafel]: haha! oh that goods...ok, i got him squirming a little....and umm....i've been following you and measured you in your sleep?

2005-06-27 [demonsky]: hey peoples... ahh a poking contest

2005-06-27 [arafel]: hahaha indeed! *pokes demonsky!* GOTCHYA!

2005-06-29 [Akika_Inari]: hehe..

2005-06-29 [Teir'Dal]: you measured me in my sleep!?!!!?!?!!?!?!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!11!!!?!!?!!?!11!!!!!!oneeleventy

2005-06-29 [Akika_Inari]: lol

2005-06-29 [arafel]: hahaha lol....sorry ill try not to do that anymore

2005-06-29 [Akika_Inari]: suuuure you will...::pauses camera::

2005-06-29 [arafel]: ....are you calling me a liar, Ed?

2005-06-29 [Akika_Inari]: ... >> << noooo....course not!

2005-06-29 [arafel]: is that sarcasm? b/c we can settle this if you want, right here and now!

2005-06-30 [Akika_Inari]: eep!

2005-06-30 [arafel]: ~.^   (im not sure what sort of face that is)

2005-06-30 [Akika_Inari]: neither...::screws up face, trying to look like that:: nope...

2005-07-02 [arafel]: yea, that hurts a little bit actually...*rubs sore facial muscles*

2005-07-03 [Akika_Inari]: yeah...oww..

2005-07-05 [arafel]: ...seriously....dude i need to go backhand my roommate now

2005-07-05 [Nuktae-tal]: ...?

2005-07-05 [arafel]: she left her food in the trash for the 5 day weekend, which also happened to be completely hot...and now our room is close to uninhabitabal

2005-07-05 [Akika_Inari]: oh ick...this again?

2005-07-06 [arafel]: nope first time

2005-07-06 [Akika_Inari]: ah....i was speaking of the mention of this occurence.

2005-07-06 [arafel]: oh hshs yrs, but i think im done with this topic

2005-07-06 [Akika_Inari]: kidoke then

2005-07-07 [arafel]: wow....was my typing off on that last one, or what?

2005-07-14 [Nuktae-tal]: um

2005-07-21 [Akika_Inari]: yeah...^_^

2005-07-22 [evil priestess]: definitely

2005-07-23 [Akika_Inari]: lol

2005-07-25 [Nuktae-tal]: sure?

2005-07-30 [arafel]: ...thanks guys, that was enough assurance

2005-08-01 [Akika_Inari]: lol..

2005-08-01 [SilverSeraph1291]: Hey there! I'm so happy, I just finished learning Hirigana, now I'm working on Katakana!

2005-08-01 [arafel]: yay! congrats

2005-08-01 [Akika_Inari]: awww..i gotta get back to work on Hiragana..

2005-08-02 [arafel]: i gotta get back to work on japanese....ive been reading other things

2005-08-03 [Akika_Inari]: me too..ive been shirking..>.<

2005-08-05 [arafel]: yea...thankfully im not on any real schedule

2005-08-06 [Akika_Inari]: yeah, me neither.

2005-08-07 [arafel]: lol....we are complete slackers

2005-08-08 [Nuktae-tal]: I can't say anything on it...ut I am going to buy a teaching program from borders

2005-08-08 [arafel]: well ive heard that its actually much easier to learn than a romance language....and that keeps me hopeful

2005-08-11 [Nuktae-tal]: lol

2005-08-11 [..Nightmare..]: I can not wait for this year coming up of school i have japanese both semesters then in grade 12 i go to japan for the first two months of school :D YAY!!!

2005-08-11 [arafel]: *gapes* I'm so jealous!!! ...can you hide me in your suitcase and take me along?

2005-08-13 [..Nightmare..]: lol i unno O.o dont the inspect the suitcases, i think they might find you or some of your limbs will show up on the exray thingy and they might think i killed someone or something and stashed them in my suitcase o.O

2005-08-15 [arafel]: hmm....i guess thats a plausible argument

2005-08-16 [..Nightmare..]: ....yea.... and then id get caught and they'd think i was migrating imagrents into their country which would be weird lol

2005-08-16 [Nuktae-tal]: ....or you could always say its a scientific experiment....and say its a plastic body structure?

2005-08-17 [arafel]: oh yea! i can pretend to be inanimate

2005-08-17 [Nuktae-tal]: lol

2005-08-18 [arafel]: im good at me just lay there

2005-08-19 [..Nightmare..]: lmao that would be funny but what about the bone part??? that wouldnt work wed have to like make you into one of those doll thingys manicans thats it!!! lol put metal poles through you or soemthing and that would be messy and probably end your life which would suck.....hey i know i could buy people tickets XD their only like a thoussssssandd or thousands of dollar tickets -_-'' i need money now >.<

2005-08-20 [Nuktae-tal]: lol....I think the whole world needs money

2005-08-20 [..Nightmare..]: lmao toooo true XD

2005-08-20 [arafel]: no....all we need is love, rainbows, and puppies that never grow up.

2005-08-20 [arafel]: wow...i just made myself queasy

2005-08-21 [Nuktae-tal]: and death and cats that are evil monsters

2005-08-22 [..Nightmare..]: lmfao

2005-08-22 [Nuktae-tal]: well..thats the opposits!!

2005-08-22 [arafel]: yea, i can tell lol

2005-08-23 [..Nightmare..]: Yes yes it is :D

2005-08-23 [arafel]: i think cheese should be included.....cheese makes me happy

2005-08-24 [..Nightmare..]: ANDDDDDDDDDDD PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!! woot comfort food XD

2005-08-24 [arafel]: OMG YES!!!

2005-08-25 [Nuktae-tal]: peanut butter makes me sick...its on my evil list...and I like cheese too but it makes my tummy hurt

2005-08-25 [arafel]: u remind me of my former roommate....she was deathly afraid of peanut butter and cheese

2005-08-25 [..Nightmare..]: awwww that sucks :( cause i love peanut butter :D its awesome all you need is a jar of peanut butter, a glass of milk and a spoon and your set :D  ouchies your room mate must have had a weird of phobia...

2005-08-26 [Nuktae-tal]: lol I eat cheese all the time lol but I usually feel ill afterwards.....and I don't mind not eating peanut butter

2005-08-26 [arafel]: are you lactose?

2005-08-28 [Nuktae-tal]: nope! LOVE MILK!!

2005-08-28 [arafel]: oh ok....then, .....ur just strange O.O

2005-08-29 [Nuktae-tal]: yep! my mommy's really the wierdest person I know...I get my crazyness from her!

2005-08-29 [..Nightmare..]: lol woot

2005-08-29 [arafel]: hahaha....sure blame it all on mom

2005-08-30 [Nuktae-tal]: no seriously she is the weirdest

2005-08-31 [arafel]: i mom is a little off too, but i usually call her crazy not wierd

2005-09-01 [Nuktae-tal]: / have no idea about my mother...or my aunt's all of them...

2005-09-02 [arafel]: haha...oh ok, so it is genetic!

2005-09-06 [Nuktae-tal]: yep!

2005-09-07 [arafel]: lol

2005-10-08 [Princess Carwash]: where do i sign up?

2005-10-12 [Teir'Dal]: AYAME!!! What have you been doing all summer? This page still isn't finished!

2005-10-13 [arafel]: i would scold too....but im just as bad ^^;;

2005-11-20 [SilverSeraph1291]: same here ^^; yay for procrastination! woot!

2005-11-21 [arafel]: hurrah!

2005-12-05 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Kabanawa Ayame.

2005-12-05 [arafel]: uh....nani?

2005-12-06 [Nuktae-tal]: konbanwa!! O genki desu ka?

2005-12-07 [arafel]: genki desu....oh wait, are u asking [Shee A'beanne Alainn]?

2005-12-07 [Nuktae-tal]: anyone

2006-01-03 [That Fuzz]: At the top of your page, you used the wrong your. The one you used indicated 'you are' as opposed to the possessive form, which is the one you want. A language teacher should be fluent in not only the language they teach, but also the beginning language of its students! :D

2006-01-04 [arafel]: It took me a while to find that one. Hahaha. Good eyes

2006-01-09 [Nuktae-tal]: mean you guys just now noticed that?

2006-01-10 [arafel]: ....yes? heh heh

2006-01-10 [Nuktae-tal]: hahahaha okay sorry

2006-01-10 [arafel]: not all of us are as observant as you [Nuktae-tal]!

2006-01-10 [arafel]: that wasn't supposed to sound as forceful as it looks in type

2006-01-10 [Nuktae-tal]:'s fine^_^ I've just been studying english for several I guess I look for things like that more then others

2006-01-11 [arafel]: you're not a native english speaker?

2006-01-12 [Nuktae-tal]: yes I am...born and raised Ohio n the US of A, I'm just planning to become an editer lol

2006-01-12 [Nuktae-tal]: well sort of...because I"

2006-01-12 [Nuktae-tal]: I'm studying JApanese so I can translate old legends and such and write them down, that what I'd really like to do..

2006-01-14 [arafel]: thats so interesting...i just want to learn it for personal interest

2006-01-14 [Nuktae-tal]: lol

2006-01-15 [arafel]: yea i never really try to attain bi worthwhile goals :)

2006-01-15 [Nuktae-tal]: bi or big?

2006-01-15 [arafel]: big lol

2006-01-15 [Nuktae-tal]: okay then..I was slightly worried

2006-01-15 [arafel]: yea i can see how that would be scary

2006-01-16 [Nuktae-tal]: yea lol

2006-04-11 [SilverSeraph1291]: *pops head in* konnichiwa! ^_^

2006-04-12 [Nuktae-tal]: konnichiwa*bows* o genki desu ka?

2006-04-16 [Racoona]: Oki... I'm gonna try this and see... already in the process of learning German in real life... but I've always wanted to learn Japaneese. So... when are all you planning on expanding your vocabulary?? I found another site that teached Japaneese also and I found alot of words and such... I could see if I can send you copies or something... PS no offence ment, I just want to help*shrugs* If you wan't to take me up on my offer... please contact me on e-mail: *goes to look for pages*

2006-04-16 [Nuktae-tal]: I'm studying japenese on my own as well...because they aren't doing anything here...but I'm really rather aweful at it

2006-04-17 [..Nightmare..]: *Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn* sorry just seemed like it needed that.... *cough* yea... Best be hitting the old dusty trail...

2006-06-13 [Danboo]: konnichiwa??

2006-06-13 [..Nightmare..]: Akachan tabeyou

2006-06-14 [Danboo]: ??

2006-06-15 [..Nightmare..]: Lets eat Babies XD thats what Akachan Tabeyou means :P

2006-06-15 [Danboo]: ooh

2006-06-15 [..Nightmare..]: lol

2006-06-15 [Danboo]: haha

2006-08-10 [Murdock]: Comen Desi ***spelling**** But i dont eat baby

2006-08-11 [Nuktae-tal]: ...

2006-08-12 [Danboo]: i know

2006-08-12 [Nuktae-tal]: ...oy

2006-08-13 [Danboo]: yep

2006-08-13 [Nuktae-tal]: *sigh* Konnichiwa! O Genki Desu Ka?

2006-08-13 [Danboo]: hi! standard death? or good????

2006-08-13 [Nuktae-tal]: good

2006-08-13 [Nuktae-tal]: drat I knew I spelled it wrong! Genkai right?

2006-08-13 [Danboo]: i think

2006-08-13 [Nuktae-tal]: right...

2006-10-25 [ririmu_chan]: If i was you guys i wouldnt really worrie about spelling romaji right. I lived in japan and trust me not many japanese use or even know romaji just study enough that you know hirogana and the rest will be easy. besides i can read and write in japanese but cant understand much romaji. good luck.

2006-10-26 [Nuktae-tal]: lol I got the same advice twice from the native's so to speak

2006-10-27 [Sailor Uranus XD]: ooohO.o

2006-10-27 [Sailor Uranus XD]: doh ray desu-ka is who are you right?

2006-10-28 [ririmu_chan]: no it is not doh it is dare desu ka. not do. you need more study. pron( dah-ray des ka)and please practice the r/l. when you say i eat rice. it should almost sound as if you are saying lice.

2006-10-28 [Nuktae-tal]: ....hahahaha

2006-10-28 [Sailor Uranus XD]: O.o i suck!!!!! *hits head*

2006-10-28 [Nuktae-tal]: nono it's alright

2006-10-29 [ririmu_chan]: here im not your teacher but let me school you on something...
ohaiyo gozai masu= good morning with respect
oha= good morning to your friends!! only your friends
konichi wa = Hello in the mid-day
kon ban wa = good evening
oiyasumi nasai = respctful good night
oiyasumi = to friends only!!! trust me friends only.
now off to study for you and dont forget your l/r you eat lice almost, and its a cross between raw and law... Hey i got an idea go watch azn tele or talk to someone who is japanese, in japanese. after their done laughing ask them to pronounce stuff for you. good luck tell me how it goes.

note to nuktae-tal it is genki dai you genki not kai

2006-10-29 [Nuktae-tal]: ...and It's Konni'chi wa not konichi wa Ririmu_chan

2006-10-29 [ririmu_chan]: uraa dai yo!!! who lived in japan and who didnt? that would be me i lived there and you didnt. so toki ni kimi wa nihongo o shabure mesu, than you can correct me. like i said i dont read romaji. when you can read speak and write 1519 kanji fluently and pass the san ku with a higher score then me then you can say what you want about my romaji. 
if you want a challenge try this.

kuchizuke kara hajimeyou yawaraka na shinjitsu wo kasanetai imasugu ni kotoba no yaiba ni makenai you ni kokoro ni masui wo kakeru kanjinai hibi wo oginau tame no eiga naraba nakeru noni...ima jinsei kaeru KISS ga shitai yawaraka na yorokobi wo kasanetai imasugu ni hoshii mono hitotsu te ni ireru tabi yume wa hoka ni aru to kizuku ima kokoro furuwasu KISS ga shitai kuchizuke kara hajime you yawaraka na yorokobi de uruoshite imasugu ni tameiki sae tsukenai hodo namida koboreru yoru wa inochi wo fukikonde sono kuchibiru de kuchizuke kara hajime you yawaraka na shinjitsu wo kasanetai itsumademo

this is my favorite song minus the english in it. go head and try to translate it, i directly translated to romaji for you after i wrote it in japanese. good luck.

2006-10-31 [Sailor Uranus XD]: d'you know what? i already knew the greetings ¬¬'

2006-10-31 [ririmu_chan]: fine you can go and learn japanese on your own. I was trying to be nice but now i quit. go on and learn poor japanese, besides i doubt you knew oha. hope your teacher who hasent been seen in over a year comes back.

2006-11-03 [Sailor Uranus XD]: ha ha ha i thank you for the advise i didnt mean to sound nasty

2006-11-20 [..Nightmare..]: Whos that song by?
For some reason i seem to recognize it.

2006-11-21 [ririmu_chan]: now that would be to easy.

2006-11-21 [Sailor Uranus XD]: what song? O.o

2006-11-22 [..Nightmare..]: K well message me the song title -_-'' i just want to know the song name im not in here to translate it into eigo i just want to confirm my suspicion of if i know the song or not.

2007-06-19 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Wow they really need to find a professor for this classroom. :(

2007-06-19 [Sunrose]: No, the professor out there needs to find this classroom :P

2007-06-19 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Hahah well yes [Sunrose] thats true! But dont you know anyone that could possibly take this on? I'm surpised its not more popular!

2007-06-19 [Sunrose]: I don't know many Japanese people, or those who master the language :P
It's all volunteer stuff, we can't really drop someone off here and tell them to work their asses off :P

2007-06-19 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Yea..hmm...wonder where [Mitsune] ran off to....She probably HAS a life. XD

2007-06-19 [Sunrose]: lol yea =P

2007-08-20 [d4rk 4ng3l]: i reckon ririmu_chan should be the teacher. He obviously is very knowledgable since hes been living and can read speak and write 1519 kanji fluently (which is very impressive i find them quite hard). Cus i dont get the feeling mitsune is coming back anytime soon.

2008-07-08 [Danboo]: hello

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