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Japanese Classroom

Teacher: ---

Here you will learn to speak, read, and write basic and intermediate Japanese. Mind you, Japanese can be complicated and tedious. It requires a lot of memorization and study. Just a warning...


Japanese Students- Students sign in here.



Japanese Alphabets
Japanese Adjectives <- Under construction
Japanese Grammar <- Under construction
Japanese Numbers <- Under construction
Japanese Pronunciation Guide
Japanese Swears!
Japanese Verbs <- Under construction
Japanese Vocab <- Under construction
Kanji <- Under construction


References and Links:

Online Dictionaries and Translators
Japanese Links
Japanese Consulate-Generals
EGM Japanese Greetings
Gackt Fans United
Japan Lovers


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2005-02-21 [Teir'Dal]: oh Mitsune's in San Fran right now... that bitch... leaving everyone here in february...

2005-02-21 [Nuktae-tal]: man!!

2005-02-22 [..Nightmare..]: Oh Oh Oh Kande! Kande!!!!

2005-02-22 [evil priestess]: bite yourself hun. ^.^; hahaha! just kidding! i love you!! *huggles [..Nightmare..]* chikusho!!! where do you go to school [..Nightmare..]? maybe i can tranfer or go to a college that teaches japanese! my parents don't really want to fund me for that though! plus it'd be out of state. >.<;

2005-02-22 [Teir'Dal]: i'm actually quite good at japanese, i'm taking grade eleven right now and it's HARD!! the teacher even said, it's harder than grade 12 because of all the grammar and vocabulary and ADJECTIVES (GAAAAAH!) we have to learn (GAAAAAAH x2) [silentnightmare you could ask me for help lol

2005-02-22 [..Nightmare..]: Lol well i live in Alberta, *huggles back* and we have a teacher from Tokyo, and acctually she said our grade 12 might be the harder of the 3 years cause its Kanji, but the hiragana and katakana i have found pretty damn easy lol :P , i cant wait till the beginning of next year, im taking first semester: Katakana, second semester: Kanji , then in grade 12 first semester: Kanji again, i want a double of it so that i can keep it fresh in my mind :P

2005-02-23 [Katisama]:, lotza writing.....

2005-02-23 [..Nightmare..]: Lol just a bit :P

2005-02-23 [Katisama]: *laughs* yep^^

2005-02-23 [..Nightmare..]: So what up?

2005-02-23 [Katisama]: i'm sick *aaaa-chuuu* >.<

2005-02-23 [..Nightmare..]: bless you ^.^, that suck. i dislike being sick >.<

2005-02-23 [Katisama]: me too.....but i didn't have to go to school today b/c of it *sniff, sniff.....aaaah--* i'm not going to sneeze....not going to sneezzzze--*aaah-chuuu* >.<*

2005-02-23 [..Nightmare..]: bless you again lol, im off all week, Teacher conventions and what not :P

2005-02-23 [Katisama]: tha'd be kool^^ i have to go now, even on my days off i never get a break *pouts* later~

2005-02-23 [..Nightmare..]: aww okies saiounara ^.^

2005-02-23 [Teir'Dal]: about that long post up there, you won't take hardly any alphabets in grade 11, we're doing mostly adjectives and grammar and stuff, and just review for hiragana and katakana.

2005-02-23 [..Nightmare..]: I see... but it might be a different school districized thinger

2005-02-23 [Teir'Dal]: it most likely is, but you still have to learn other aspects of japanese, not just alphabets. you'll probably finish katakana by the end of this year, the only use for it is to write words adapted from other languages (eg. ice cream - aisu kurimu)

2005-02-23 [..Nightmare..]: Yea. well not the end of this year cause their three different classes Jap 15, Jap 25 and Jap 35, so i have to wait till beginning of next year but meh im borrowing the notes for Katakana off a friend of mine so ill be a bit ahead of everyone else :P

2005-02-24 [Nuktae-tal]: ....

2005-02-24 [..Nightmare..]: Hewwo ^.^

2005-02-28 [evil priestess]: *confuzzled* O.o?

2005-02-28 [Teir'Dal]: i have knees. two of them. they bend.

2005-02-28 [Nuktae-tal]: me to...and two elbows they bend too

2005-03-01 [Teir'Dal]: wow we have so much in common.

2005-03-01 [Nuktae-tal]: really! wow its amazing!

2005-03-01 [Teir'Dal]: yep

2005-03-01 [Nuktae-tal]: lol

2005-03-09 [Mitsune]: hee hee hee... you two are soooo wierd.

2005-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: am not!

2005-03-09 [..Nightmare..]: Lol

2005-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: I'm insane there s adifference!!

2005-03-21 [evil priestess]: hey! i bend too! bendy bendy bendy! DDR takes some bending... I LOVE DDR!!!!

2005-03-22 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Ah...I know some people who are crazy good on fun to watch.

2005-03-23 [evil priestess]: nice name [Shee A'beanne Alainn]. i'm not too good at DDR yet. >.<

2005-03-24 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: O thanks...*smiles and blushes* Hmm..practive and you'll get good!

2005-03-24 [Nuktae-tal]: never have played ddr....

2005-03-24 [evil priestess]: OoO WHAT?!?!? how can you not have?

2005-03-24 [Nuktae-tal]: like this I've never played dance dance revolution

2005-03-24 [Unusual Wanderer]: Same here.

2005-03-25 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: You guys should try sometime it's fun.....even if you look stupid.

2005-03-25 [Nuktae-tal]: I wouldn't know where to find the game to even play it sorry...I know they don't have any in the arcades aruond my house for possibly an hours drive

2005-03-25 [evil priestess]: got a PS2 or XBOX? you can buy the game for those systems. .....boy mitsune is never around much anymore, or she just doesn't comment.                      MITSUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!                               *goes into forest looking for [Mitsune]*

2005-03-26 [Nuktae-tal]: oh...wellI have a ps2 but no money

2005-03-26 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Mitsune seems to be busy...NO don;t you leave to [evil].....*run after her*

2005-03-26 [Nuktae-tal]: huh?

2005-03-27 [Unusual Wanderer]: Don't worry she's just preoccupied. -.-'

2005-03-27 [Nuktae-tal]: sorry...

2005-03-27 [Unusual Wanderer]: About what?

2005-03-27 [Nuktae-tal]: everything I guess...

2005-03-31 [Mitsune]: boop...

2005-03-31 [Mitsune]: beep...

2005-03-31 [Mitsune]: bip

2005-03-31 [Mitsune]: dip

2005-03-31 [Mitsune]: Watashi wa bakaja desu yo! hee hee hee... *gets lost* CHIKUSHO!!

2005-03-31 [Nuktae-tal]: hhahahahaha ARA! Watashi only know some of that sentance! I need to study more!

2005-04-01 [Mitsune]: Well the two words I'm guessing you don't know are swears... I don't teach that on this wiki, I have a reputation to keep... *shifty eyes*

2005-04-01 [Nuktae-tal]: no I know what the one swear word is...but not the other...and the word yo...I don't know what that one means either

2005-04-01 [..Nightmare..]: yo - Its certainly.

2005-04-01 [Nuktae-tal]: Ara...Arigatou domocrap I forgot how to speell...

2005-04-03 [Mitsune]: yo= !

2005-04-03 [Mitsune]: I should make a particles page... Or do I already have one? *looks*

2005-04-04 [demonsky]: hello

2005-04-04 [Nuktae-tal]: hi

2005-04-04 [Teir'Dal]: "yo" is like "you know," or "as a a matter of fact" isn't it? or is that "ne"

2005-04-04 [Nuktae-tal]: ...yo is a none describatory word created by children lacking brain cells

2005-04-04 [Teir'Dal]: oh yeah? well... massachusetts I CAN SPELL THAT WORD!

2005-04-04 [Nuktae-tal]: can a lot of people love...

2005-04-04 [evil priestess]: eye kan spel reely long wurds!!!! lik "pnemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis" and evn "mississippi"!!! (that last one was a joke and so was the really bad spelling)    hey guys! help support and enlarge my wiki! just type in teenage randomness into the wiki search box!!!! ^_^ 

2005-04-04 [Teir'Dal]: like what

2005-04-04 [Nuktae-tal]: um..alright then

2005-04-04 [Mitsune]: 'yo' is an exclamation mark. 'ne' is eh! You should know that Tyler...

2005-04-04 [Teir'Dal]: i forgot ok? i'm really tired and spring break just ended.... and while we're on the topic of shameless wiki advertization.... three word story time!!!

2005-04-04 [Nuktae-tal]: ....

2005-04-04 [Mitsune]: Shame shame...

2005-04-04 [Nuktae-tal]: why is it considered shameless might I ask? are you not simply telling your friends about a wiki?

2005-04-04 [Teir'Dal]: erm... yes?.... no! um can you rephrase the question? i got about 2 hours of sleep last night and i'm about to fall over.

2005-04-04 [Mitsune]: ...

2005-04-04 [Nuktae-tal]: why are you calling it shameless advertising

2005-04-04 [Teir'Dal]: i dunno because [evil priestess]... er... she... *weep*

2005-04-04 [Mitsune]: OMG!!Tyler is in looooOOOoove... yay? nay?

2005-04-04 [Teir'Dal]: nay, ayame, nay. she was advertizing her own wiki so i thought i'd do mine.

2005-04-05 [Mitsune]: Sure... *suspicious*

2005-04-05 [Teir'Dal]: *pokes ayame in her suspicious eye*

2005-04-05 [Nuktae-tal]: hahahahaha you are all wanna be's....of something.... anyways its not really shameless advertising

2005-04-05 [Teir'Dal]: ok go to my wiki then, its really fun and funny i did this on a message board once.

2005-04-05 [Nuktae-tal]: um....

2005-04-05 [Teir'Dal]: what

2005-04-05 [Nuktae-tal]: um...

2005-04-05 [Teir'Dal]: um yourself what are you umming about

2005-04-05 [Nuktae-tal]: is my filler word

2005-04-05 [Teir'Dal]: um.... three word story time!

2005-04-09 [evil priestess]: oooohhhh! don't cry! i'm sorry! it was my first wiki! i... i ..... WAHH!! *sobs and hugs [Teir'Dal]*

2005-04-09 [Nuktae-tal]: I'm....going to run away now

2005-04-10 [Teir'Dal]: *pokes Evil priestess in the ear* WET WILLY!

2005-04-10 [Nuktae-tal]: ...your ear has to be wet first...

2005-04-11 [Teir'Dal]: huh? oh yeah um *wets his finger first*

2005-04-11 [Nuktae-tal]: hahahhah yea good job mate!

2005-04-11 [Teir'Dal]: yeah... mate... nobody says that here in canada

2005-04-11 [Nuktae-tal]: what? I don't get it...I always say goodjob mate...or bud...your canadian? did I offend you? I'm sooo sorry if I did!

2005-04-11 [Teir'Dal]: no lmao its just unusual =P yes i'm canadian

2005-04-11 [Nuktae-tal]: oh..well I didn't know and if it did offend you I'm sorry,....I say wierd things all the time though I thought people who knew me were used to it...

2005-04-12 [Unusual Wanderer]: -.- so....tired....must...*snore*

2005-04-15 [..Nightmare..]: havent been here for a while >.<

2005-04-15 [Nuktae-tal]: yes not a lot of people hasve been

2005-04-16 [Unusual Wanderer]: *rubs eyes* I'm up....sotra...-.-

2005-04-16 [Nuktae-tal]: I see...*is just watching people*

2005-04-17 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Whats up everyone?

2005-04-18 [Teir'Dal]: i'm skipping math.

2005-04-18 [Nuktae-tal]: bad

2005-04-19 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Tye....with your math marks...not wise...DON'T DO'll be the IB laughing stock....O wait....*laughs*....We love you tye...

2005-04-19 [Teir'Dal]: oh thanks... *sulk* well in other news..... SUBARASHI CHIKATETSU!!

2005-04-19 [Nuktae-tal]: um...??????

2005-04-19 [Teir'Dal]: "fantastic subway" i'm wierd.

2005-04-19 [Nuktae-tal]: I like subway...I'm going to put in an application there

2005-04-20 [Unusual Wanderer]: ...

2005-04-20 [Nuktae-tal]: er yes?

2005-04-20 [Unusual Wanderer]: ^.^; Oh nothing...nothing ^.^;

2005-04-20 [Nuktae-tal]: okay!

2005-04-21 [Unusual Wanderer]: ^.^;

2005-04-25 [evil priestess]: okay...

2005-04-25 [Nuktae-tal]: AAAAAHHHHHH

2005-04-25 [Unusual Wanderer]: What?!

2005-04-25 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: there still some sanity here....or do we need to send it into the institute?

2005-04-25 [Nuktae-tal]: I don't know...

2005-04-25 [Teir'Dal]: insanity ward

2005-04-25 [Unusual Wanderer]: I'm sorta sane...

2005-04-26 [Teir'Dal]: if by "sorta" you mean "not"

2005-04-26 [Nuktae-tal]: I"m completely not sane!!! I'm am in sane! baby! oh yea! and you know what?!

2005-04-27 [kay-chan]: *in a British accent* Chicken butt.

2005-04-27 [Nuktae-tal]: aactually...I"m light headed...

2005-04-27 [Unusual Wanderer]: What I mean by sorta sane is that sometimes I'm sane and sometimes I'm not.

2005-04-27 [Nuktae-tal]: ....uh huh not me...


2005-04-27 [Nuktae-tal]: right....

2005-04-27 [Teir'Dal]: oh yeah i'm insane too did i mention that?

2005-04-27 [Nuktae-tal]: lol

2005-04-27 [Teir'Dal]: grats on your new niece

2005-04-27 [Nuktae-tal]: thanks lol

2005-04-27 [kay-chan]: I know. I'm so hilarious.

2005-04-27 [Nuktae-tal]: uh huh

2005-04-29 [demonsky]: so how are you guys

2005-04-29 [Nuktae-tal]: alive

2005-04-30 [Unusual Wanderer]: *shrug*

2005-05-02 [Mitsune]: I prefer being dead...

2005-05-02 [Teir'Dal]: [Mitsune] did you add yourself on the list of things you hate? you should add yourself on the offenders list too.

2005-05-03 [Nuktae-tal]: ...

2005-05-03 [Teir'Dal]: long story... well not really, but i just don't feel like telling it.

2005-05-03 [Nuktae-tal]: I didn't ask

2005-05-04 [Teir'Dal]: well why did you go "..." then? lol i mistook it for confusion maybe.

2005-05-04 [Nuktae-tal]: oh...because I didn't really have anything to say at the moment...

2005-05-05 [Unusual Wanderer]: I can empathize.

2005-05-06 [Teir'Dal]: why are you talking if you have nothing to say? my sister does that a lot ^.^;

2005-05-17 [Nuktae-tal]: well you asked me a question didn't I needed to answer...

2005-05-17 [Teir'Dal]: ^_^ yes but i asked [Mitsune] =P

2005-05-17 [Nuktae-tal]: it was not addressed per say so technically it was opne to any who chose to say anything on it

2005-05-19 [demonsky]: so... has anyone got any luck with japanese

2005-05-19 [Akika_Inari]: yeah, actually..Ive learned three lines of the hirigana chart! ^_^ its a start!

2005-05-19 [Nuktae-tal]: I've been meaning to but things keep popping up and no one rats on me everyday so I forget

2005-05-20 [Akika_Inari]: I know what you mean..that was happening to me for a long time..

2005-05-20 [Nuktae-tal]: yea?

2005-05-20 [Akika_Inari]: yep yep. And it only took me today to learn those three lines. Im sure if you just sat aside a couple of minutes, maybe half an hour, you could start to get it down, and then it'd be a snap for you from there on. ^_^

2005-05-20 [Nuktae-tal]: ...I can't do straight memorization...

2005-05-20 [Akika_Inari]: i usually can't either...but i mean, that hiragana drill really helps.

2005-05-21 [Nuktae-tal]: really? hhmm I'll have to sit down and just study it then write it myself...that usually works...if I have the right music on as well!

2005-05-21 [Akika_Inari]: yeah!

2005-05-24 [Teir'Dal]: i got japanese pretty well already, i know all of hiragana and katakana and about 30 kanji, not to mention like a billion regular vocabulary words. (exaggeration)

2005-05-24 [Akika_Inari]: well, then. i admire your ability. on another note, though, is the hiragana drill messing up for anyone else?

2005-05-24 [Teir'Dal]: i don't mean to brag, lol i'm taking it in school, currently grade 11

2005-05-24 [Akika_Inari]: in school? lucky~lucky!!

2005-05-24 [Nuktae-tal]: my school doesn't have it...but I'm homeschooled anyways...I'm actually looking for a family from japan to teach me...

2005-05-24 [Akika_Inari]: hmm..i just gotta learn it off here...

2005-05-24 [Nuktae-tal]: yea so far me too!

2005-05-24 [Akika_Inari]: ::sigh:: why can't my school realize that there are other languages just as important as french, german, and spanish?

2005-05-24 [Nuktae-tal]: ....latin spanish and french here

2005-05-24 [Akika_Inari]: ::sigh:: i take spanish in school..

2005-05-24 [Nuktae-tal]: not me lol I'm homeschooled!

2005-05-24 [Akika_Inari]: ah yes, so i heard. is that interesting?

2005-05-24 [Nuktae-tal]: yea and really boring!

2005-05-25 [Akika_Inari]: interesting and boring at the same time?

2005-05-25 [Nuktae-tal]: ...wll its fun for the first month...and thern ists completely dull..and if you've been doing it fo years you wanna get out usually

2005-05-25 [Akika_Inari]: ah, gotcha. gotcha.

2005-05-26 [Nuktae-tal]: yes

2005-05-27 [Akika_Inari]: when did you start homeschooling?

2005-05-27 [Nuktae-tal]: .....when I was one...thenone and off until now...11th grade

2005-05-27 [Akika_Inari]: phew!

2005-05-27 [Nuktae-tal]: yea lol...meeting people in fdifferent grades in different schools is tough..but I learned to cope!^.^

2005-05-27 [Akika_Inari]: it you described it. ^_^;;;

2005-05-27 [Nuktae-tal]: lol usually does

2005-06-14 [inuyashagodess]: how do you sign up?

2005-06-14 [Akika_Inari]: ^_^ pretty sure you just add your name to the list...

2005-06-15 [Mitsune]: Yep... just add your name...

2005-06-16 [Nuktae-tal]: yep!

2005-06-20 [arafel]: i want to sign up!!! OMG! Im so happy...

2005-06-20 [arafel]: oh a dumbass, i didnt even read the convo before this. I meant to say i want to sign up to the wiki...not homeschooling...that sounds like it blows

2005-06-20 [Nuktae-tal]: hhmmm

2005-06-20 [arafel]: i being crazy again

2005-06-20 [Nuktae-tal]: no no its fine! lol

2005-06-20 [Mitsune]: We like crazy people...

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