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2007-07-20 16:03:02
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[Janouk]'s portfolio

Week 1: (In the) Shadows


Family day brought us to monsters, aAAaah! :P

Week 2: Phobia


Ablutophobia (fear of washing or bathing)

Week 3: Summer


Had a lovely day in the park behind my house, but couldn't choose between all the pictures I made...

Week 4: Numbers


Because I like macros and do sudoku's when classes are boring ^^

Week 5: Roses and Thornes


I'm out of time :) So these roses that were given to my parents
for their 25th wedding anniversary will have to do ;)

Week 6: Mind Forest


Strange things can happen in the mind..:)

Week 7: Future


Drunk driving can wreck one's future...

Week 8: Childhood dream


To be extremely rich...

Week 9: Blues


All alone...and feeling blue.

Week 10: Domination/Ice/Prison/Roulette/Simple


Brrrrr....**Ice** ^__^

Own Theme: Shoe


I used to be little...

Own Theme: Air


It just reminded me of air :) *breaths*

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2007-05-15 [Janouk]: *pokes watchers* :p

2007-05-15 [Linderel]: I watch everyone!

2007-05-15 [shotokan_gal]: Sudoku <3 Hehe, I'm a little addicted ^^'

2007-05-17 [Janouk]: Yay! ^__^ @ [Linderel] :p // I used to make them a lot, now just every once in a while, still fun though ;)

2007-07-20 [Jitter]: I love your work!

2007-07-20 [Janouk]: O wow, thank you! :o

2007-07-20 [Janouk]: :( So terrible to be out of time...I wish I'd had (taken) more time to finish things...But I'm going on a holiday to France in 2 hours 0__o
(and my parents' computer sucks :))

2007-07-20 [Jitter]: Well my portfolio is made of old stuff cause I burned my fingers while ironing >.< and yesterday I burned my other hand with steam. How retarded is that x)

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