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2011-06-26 19:47:13
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Janelle Monae-The Archandroid review

This album is hands down an overall 5/5 star album. Janelle Monae has been described as PDiddy's 'most important signing'. The musical style of Monae, a former student of The Academy of Musical & Drama Arts, is well above average. Though her sampler album 'Metropolis' was amazing, this album is the next step to musical perfection! Many different music artist will create an album and say 'this is something like you've never heard before'. This album truly is something like you haven't heard. Every song on the album intertwines perfectly with each other, but each tune has a different mood or feeling. It's so hard to describe, unless you listen to it. The producers have put together a masterpiece with this album because I like every song. It has the kind of music you can listen to to feel good and dance to. The tunes are so playful and fun. However, Monae also highlights the beauty of her voice in songs like 'Oh, Maker', 'Sir Greendown' & 'Neon Valley Street'. The album has been referred to often as a futuristic musical journey through space. In other words, this is what the Archandroid is about, it's about joining Monae through her own special world where you can sing, dance, and even shed a tear over the beauty this album offers. My overall rating is epic and my overall opinion is you must buy this work of art! Janelle Monae is the best new artist I have seen in many years and with all the trashy pop music, this is breath of fresh air. I would rather listen to this album all day than anything on the radio. Have a listen and you will be hooked, you will feel the music and be moved.

1. Suite II Overture
2. Dance Or Die (Feat. Saul Williams)
3. Faster
4. Locked Inside
5. Sir Greendown
6. Cold War
7. Tightrope (Feat. Big Boi)
8. Neon Gumbo
9. Oh, Maker
10. Come Alive (War Of The Roses)
11. Mushrooms & Roses
12. Suite III Overture
13. Neon Valley Street
14. Make The Bus (Feat. Of Montreal)
15. Wondaland
16. 57821 (Feat. Deep Cotton)
17. Say You'll Go
18. BaBopByeYa

Now that is a true buy! You get 18 tracks, the last album I bought only offered 10 so this is like getting an all day day music for the soundtrack of your life.
If there isn't one song on this album that you like, I don't know what your listening to because it is truly incredible!

Cold War- Live @ The Grammy's

/ [Layre]

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