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Jadean McCromick, prefers Jade from those closest to her


Father's stature:

Lord McCromick is the third most powerful Lord in this province.


Jade is a very outgoing young woman. She has a thirst for proving herself but doesn't exactly want the thrown. She hates when people put down others in their region, especially the poor people. In her mind it's not their fault that they are poor. Her and her father do not always agree on this matter. There isn't much that makes her angry but when angered you'd better look out. She is a very emotional person and wears her emotions like she is an open book.


Reading, dancing, singing, painting, and strolling around the region with no care in the world.


Unfortunately for Jade her parents, Lade Isabella and Lord Drake, were unable to have another child after her, so regardless, once the time comes for her to step up, she will become Lady Jadean McCromick of Tenalius.

Much to her dismay she had been already betrothed to someone she believes is a foul and heartless creature. She's been studying with the local Librarius to find a way out of her betrothment. So far she has had no such luck.

She doesn't lead a very exciting life at the moment. She's been taking classes on archery and swordsmanship as of late and finds she likes it, Archery or swordsmanship.

When she was a child she had someone watching over her day in and day out for fear of one of the lords of an enemy region sending someone in the night to come and steal her away. As she grew older she insisted that she be left alone since it had yet to happen. Of course her father 'said' no more guards but still there would be someone watching her at all times.

Jade was given the opportunity to celebrate her Twentieth birthday how ever she may like, and this year she has decided to throw a grand party. She was able to help plan some of it, the decorations, what instruments would be playing, food, that sort of thing. The night before it and she was growing nervous, worried it wouldn't turn out quite like she expected.

Other: Jade has a One Hundred and Forty pound wolf by the name of Caedus.


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