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Selection of my Poetry
I have emotions, shoot me.


Today is the Present,
Yesterday's the future,
Tomorrow's the future,
Keep your eyes on the path.

Only look back,
To remember the times
You spend with your friends
And family, alike.

Remember the good times,
Or remember the bad
Just dont regret things
You wish you still had.

Things change,
Friends move,
But life goes on
And so will you.

My Arms

Works of art
Telling the story
The story of my life.

It is written
Not with a pen,
But with a knife.


My heart bleeds
It shall never mend
From darkness it feeds
And light does it fend.

I am not evil
But confuzed and depressed
My life sprials downward
My feelings, supressed.

What Went Wrong

Time goes by
Though I vaigly know
Summer turns to fall
Leaves to snow.

My hands are numb
My skin is dry
Yet the only thing wrong
Is that you had to die.

I know you see me
For when I cry
I see your wings
And watch you fly.

Roller Coaster

Take my hand
See what I see
Look through my eyes
My sorrow and glee.

Lifes like a roller coaster
Its rough on us all
Sometimes we're up
And sometimes we fall.

That's how life is
With its ups and downs
Like we all have smiles
And we all have frowns.

Locked Inside

I'm locked in a box
There's no way to leave
I hear my breathe steady
But its getting hard to breathe.

I hear you there
Outside my cell
Laughing at my pain
Putting me through hell.

But you will not prevail
No, you will not win.
You watch me from a corner
As your patience is getting thin.

I silence my body,
Make myself still
You open the box
And come in for the kill.

When all hope seems lost
As you overpower me
My gaurdain angel comes
Now you'll be the one to plea.


A window for my fear
A closet for my pain
A hallway for my sorrow
Happiness to attain.

A car to drive me crazy
A bed to let me slack
An enemy to scream at
Some walls to hold me back

A razor blade to free my pain
A bag to punch out
A silly little piece of leather
One I couldn’t live without.

I am not endowed with things
Nor do I want to be
I’d rather be rich in love and respect
Than have a life filled with man made debris.


Growing up,
Feeling down
Mothers praise,
Fathers frown.

The normal life,
It never came
Mothers love
Fathers fame.

Perfect being
Oh perfect one
My soul is beaten
You have won.

Taught to love
Shown to fear
Hypocritical concepts
From which I appear.

Silent nights
Deadening voices
Harsh and untrue
These words are my choices

Kick me while Im down
Take my pride and joy
I have become nothing more,
Nothing more than your toy.

Invoke my power
As an equal to you
I understand your pain
Youve made me feel it too.

Now I am strong
Stronger than you
Your weakness you know
Im superior to you

For You, Love

For love of deception
For love, of you, my girl
For love of the enemy
Stop this downward twirl

You came in lost hope
Found me and gained a soul
Even though I am what you cannot be
I am what you control.

My life can be your escape
My life can be your death
My life finds hope in thought
My life is gone in your breath

For your love of deception
There's only one thing I can say
Leave your past behind
Let it go, or with your life, you will pay.

Izzy Anne's Poems 2
[Able Insane]

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