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2011-06-13 02:30:11
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Izze Juice review

This stuff... Is... Amazing. I love to drink it! It's a carbonated juice that I was introduced to via my high school (so if it did one good thing for me, it introduced me to this drink).

It comes in several flavors: blackberry, grapefruit, clementine, blueberry, pomegranate (my favorite), apple, peach, birch, ginger and lime. It is fantastic, and comes either in a little can or a glass bottle (and I prefer the bottle, personally).

It's tangy, flavorful, the colors are great, and they don't add a lot of yucky stuff, so it's better than soda/pop/cola/sodapop.

Try it today! You'll like it, I promise. (:

/ [Akayume]

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