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Or is it? What is really in a name. I am of course referring to "pagan names." Some of them can be rather simple, others can be extremely extravagant. You can see most of them on pagan books, where the author has chosen some obscure and ridiculous name such as say... Silver Ravenwolf. Which really, not only sounds silly, but is also one hell of a mouthful.

The origin of the "craft name" is one that is obscure. There is no way of telling if the original pagans ever used such names as the ones you see these days, it is more than likely that they may have had different names to hide their identity when the inquisition came about. But I doubt it was something like Raven or Wolf. Probably just changing ones name from Joe Bloggs to Jon Smith. After all, what would you say was more heathenish, having the name of an animal, or a good solid Christian name.

In Gardner's original Wicca, it was stated that one should have a separate Craft Name, so that one would not be identifiable in every day life as being a witch if hostility towards the pagan world should ever rise up again. In theory this is a relatively good idea. The same applied to the mark of their pentacles. For those unawares, pentacles should be made of printed wax, therefore it can easily be destroyed if need be. Same applied to keeping books. Never show your Book of Shadows to anyone else and always be prepared to destroy it if need be.

I suppose in today's age where traditionalists of the faith are few and far between the same can be said of your computerised version. If the inquisition comes back don't hesitate to wipe your hard drives and melt down your occult jewellery.

On both counts this is barely a problem for myself. I own more crosses than I do pentacles. My cross, made of white gold given to me by my parents is actually nicer on me than my pentacle, which was again, given to me by those that helped me find my footing in this world of confusing myths and a lot of lies.

The same applies to my "Grimoire", which actually looks more like a cookbook as I have any number of recipes in there for helping with ailments, is also easily destroyable if need be. I've done it before when necessary. My grief at the loss of so much work was far surpassed by the need to survive.

And again, with my pagan name? I suppose when I think about it, [Delladreing], has become my pagan name. I never intended to change my name to something fancy. But then again, nor would I have considered ever living openly as a pagan, I will quite probably remain a closet witch for the rest of my life so long as I use my real name. So I suppose, Dela, has become the part of me that doesn't need to hide who they are for the sake of harmony in one's life.

And unlike some pagan names, I hardly think that Dela ranges on some more of the eccentric ones that I have seen. I think I'd rather shout "Dela!" across a crowded gathering that "Windsong! Windsong!"

Granted, some of who you are as a pagan, may be in your name. But is it vital to think up the most obscure thing possible and plaster it all over a book? No.

I will never assume any other alter ego, other than Dela. The only person that will ever write a pagan book, will be Dela.
I will sign things Dela when dealing with such things.

Rather Dela than something not even remotely recognisable as a normal name and is impossible to say and spell.

I suppose really what I am trying to say, is that if you must have a pagan name, keep it simple. There's no need to name yourself something that sounds so far out it should have bells on.

Think of it from the point of view, that the more down to earth you are in choosing it, the less likely it is that someone else will have the same one as you. How many Silver Ravens do you think there are?

Then ask yourself, how many people have picked a name like Dela, or Imie, or Cara (Imie and Cara by the by being some very old online friends that I never managed to get on to ET, we used to cause chaos in forums, ah the days when it all began *misty eyed*) Then just think how much more special and personal it makes you feel, to know that you are the only one.

That is all.

Stop adding frills to it all, it doesn't help things, it doesn't make you more powerful. Just learn to deal with the fact that you never will be Raven.


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2006-06-27 [Linn Scarlett]: Nice ^_^

2006-06-27 [Linn Scarlett]: Oh and *first comment dance*

2006-06-27 [Avoral]: Hmm. "Avy" would be a decent pagan thing, in that respect. Perhaps "Avi," being "of the air."

2006-06-27 [Delladreing]: Avi I could live with :P

2006-06-27 [¬°Soy Bekah!]: *dances around 4 no reason* ^^

2006-06-27 [Delladreing]: ^^;

2006-06-27 [SilverFire]: *haunt*

2006-06-27 [Delladreing]: wewt

2006-06-27 [Linn Scarlett]: I just have Linn -_-' or Lynn if I feel really occult -_-'

2006-06-27 [Delladreing]: Linn works :P

2006-06-27 [sequeena_rae]: Or maybe *shock* I could stay as Sarah? :O How myyyyystical >)

2006-06-27 [Linn Scarlett]: Yeah, though Lynn is by numerologic counting better, don't know why anymore I figured it all out a long time ago...

2006-06-27 [Fireblade K'Chona]: I suppose 'Fireblade' would work, but I just picked that as a net name a few years ago, based on the Hawkbrothers from Mercedes Lackey because that was what I was writing fanfiction for. 'course, my REAL't at all suited to paganism. -cough-

2006-06-27 [Azuri]: *is late on the draw but still haunts* tis good writing. I guess somehow Azuri became my pagan name and i totally didnt even mean it to.

2006-06-27 [Delladreing]: Same with Dela. Heh, go figure

2006-06-27 [Azuri]: It happens i supose. Damn things always sneakin up on people >>

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