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Isobel's Bedroom

This bedroom is mostly locked, but you decide to take a peek when the landlady's not looking...
Creams, greens and pinky-oranges bounce into your eyes, dazzling you. She seems to have painted the room herself, and it's not too bad either. A neat, rose-wood dressing table sits near the large French windows; her bed up against the opposite wall. Interesting artifacts litter a Gothic chair that seems out of place in this light, bright haven.
You hear foot steps behind you and shut the door.


Other information you need -
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Le Café Characters - Where the set and personal characters will be placed

In the café -
La Barre - The Bar

Le Lieu de Réunion - The Meeting Rooms

Les Chambres - The Bedrooms

Outside the café -
Le Terrasse - The Terrace, part of the café

Le Marché - The Market

La Place du Tertre - Hillock Place, the square around the café

Le Sacré Coeur - The Sacred Heart (Catholic Cathedral)

The rest of Paris -
Le Moulin Rouge - The Red Windmill (stripper/ dance theatre)

La Tour D'Eiffel - The Eiffel Tower

Cimetière De Montmartre - Montmartre Cemetery

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