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The Minotaur Nation of the Lands of Qor


     Descended from the Minoan lineage of Minotaurs from Zendelon, and once thought to be an extinct culture, the Ishtaranians held their mysterious culture and people's existence a secret for many centuries, until the Empirical Explorers of Vraisynn demanded peaceful entrance onto Ishtaranian soil, and a pact was made between the two cultures to save them both from years of war and devastation.

     Political and cultural integration has expanded between the two nations in recent decades, and similar peace pacts have been made between the Minotaurs and the nations of Quentarae and Urrggosh, though tension remains high between the high-strung Raptorian flocks and many Avariel Elves of the Kingdom of Dae'Vyhir.

     Regional strengths include a high level of divine spellcasters and temple acolytes, as well as a strong presence of faithful minotaur believers, who worship a pantheon similar to the ancient Minotaur Pantheon and some surrounding regional religious elements. Ishtaranian faith dictates a strict secrecy of culture and religion, including many who take a vow of silence, and also some mystery cults dedicated to arcane magic and some religious movements. The central building of any Ishtaranian city or settlement is the Nayati, or Temple Caern, which is overseen by a Hienama, or head priest. The cultural poltical system of Ishtarania'ishen is an ideological theocracy, which operates under the supervision and guidance of the Kingdom of Vraisynn's Highest Court of Protocols, and whose relationship with the nation consists mainly of trade and international concerns among the region.


  - Nepenthos, Capitol City
     >The Great Nepenthe Nayati

  - West Portheon, Sister City of East Portheon in Quentarae

  - Tabannri, the Southern Emerald City

  - Lok'szmii, the City of the Horns of Lok
     > Horns of Lok Guild Hall - Qor

  - Ishtaranian Coastal Bastions, these guard posts line the entire Ishtaranian coastline, as well as portions of the coasts of Quentarae and Urrggosh. These posts are some of the most heavily-fortified and efficient coastal guard posts in all of Qor.
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2004-09-25 [xido]: I will be posting here as I find more information to include. This minotaur land is inhabited by the last remnants of the non-Zendelonian ancient peoples of the Minoan minotaur race.

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