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A moderately-sized city, founded by the Rrundan, a tribal Dwarven society who sought neutrality in the political upheavals of the human societies of the north(Kiee), and the south(Stilya). Many humans flee to Irrundanil's safety, hoping to escape the political segregation happening in the world of men, who hope to return their society to the old ways, before the first Epicene (the great shift - Elven).
Many Elftowner's live here, high in the hilly lands of Milsnivvah (the woodlands in between - Dwarven). RPG is almost a necessity here, so ROLEPLAY!!!

Places of interest in Irrundanil:
The home of Dtalk and Vestahl Mentu at [xido], plus the wiki-version of my father's home, at Vestahl's home
The high-class music club, Aces
The metaphysical store, owned and operated by Opal
The main page of the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay
Post a character on the Character Page
The Tariwynn Woods, just south of Irrundanil
The Adventurer's Tavern, a great place for adventurers of all types to chill over some brew, talking crazy talk.
Dreams_Cozy_Cotage The cozy home of Lian, a character in the story.
Down the road from the adventurer's tavern, where the Shady Inn is located.
The Outer Wall is the protective boundary of the site, with two gates being the only entrances and exits, besides climbing the walls of Irrundanil.

I returned to my homeland in the hopes that my dreams were wrong, and I'd find my father, the great Vestahl, at home, happy, and working on some new commisioned weapon. Maybe he'd be working contently in his smithing keep, or sitting on the back hill, staring at the beautiful sunset...
But he's not here, and I have not the first clue of where to go searching for him.

There has been some unusual activity lately, and many, including myself, have seen unfamiliar faces outside their houses, sneaking about on unknown errands. I spotted a dark face outside my window just recently, and was inept in pursuing him/her, as they scurried away into the nearby plaza. A detailed account can be read in my house, Vestahl's home.
-Dtalk Mentu.

Spike the cat leads BadCat char and Kim char to Vestahl's home.
Mirriam and Robin are Seeking the girl Lian, and headed out on a path through Tariwynn Woods.

As night draws in on the village one evening, two drow brothers wreak havoc upon the streets and pubs of popularity. Nelk Darkblade and Llanwar Darkblade are skulking their way through town.


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2003-12-24 [xido]: Party at Aces in honour of the passing of the Kieen army and those who helped protect the village as they passed!!!

2008-09-18 [Phyn]: I want to people to remember, and acknowledge that they don't have LEGAL rights to the world of Estonia and therefore they shouldn't be continuing to play and or host games within it's parameters. If I have to contact the wiki boards and have this permanently removed I will.

-Nicholas Hudson, creator and holder of Copyright of the world of Estonia.

2008-09-21 [xido]: I can't believe you would even attempt to post this comment here. Irrundanil was a name that I gave a tribal dwarven village while in Phoenix in 2003, and had nothing to do with your storyline AT ANY TIME.

You can take your selfish threats elsewhere. This page is not yours, and never will be. If you're pissed off, you can find another way to deal with it. No wiki moderator is going to take you seriously. You became a member of Elftown WAY after this page was created, and have absolutely no authority here.

If you want to write a book, figure out a way to come up with your own shit. Don't ask people for help or work with anyone else, because it's obvious that you have no clue how to be respectful toward other people. I must have been a pretty big dumb ass for ever having worked with you on anything. I thought I was pretty smart, but I must be wrong. I was stupid to work with and trust you, so I guess my whole perspective is skewed.

Do your posturing somewhere else. This page is not yours in any way, shape, or form.

2008-10-09 [Phyn]: You attached this to a world that I created and you stole.

The Point is moot...

I have no caring if you dislike this...

I can prove this world belongs to me...

This is a pointless argument.

2008-10-30 [xido]: Since some people can't play nicely, this village is located somewhere other than Eastonia, which is apparently no longer a valid playing location. We'll say it's on Planet X.

Not that it matters, but apparently it does.

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