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Inspectors explore all areas of Elftown to find bugs and flaws so that they can be reported and fixed.


Great Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious Magisters

[Athene Noctua]
Great Grand Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious Magister Navigatios

[True, plain and simple]
Great Grandest Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious Honoris Magister Navigatios

Greatest Grandest Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious Honoris Magno Magister Navigatios




Honorary Bug Buggers


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2011-05-08 [Lord Josmar]: I just found this page! Unfortunately I have only found a few things, need to find more!

2011-05-11 [kians mummy]: i have done 2 bugs now and some reports

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: i have found about 5 spelling errors

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: have i earnt this badge

2011-06-23 [iippo]: You can check that by looking at your badge slot in your house. If the badge appears there, you have earned it.

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: So basically, even though i have spotted a lot of spelling mistakes and hav also found 2 bugs, i still haven't earnt the badge, singled out, again.

2011-06-23 [Alexi Ice]: Most badges have a specific number of things you must do before you earn the badge. I don't happen to know what the requirement for this badge is. Perhaps you could ask Silver?

2011-06-23 [Nioniel]: [iippo] <3

2011-06-23 [Lord Josmar]: I havent earned this badge either, but I'm not complaining.

2011-07-04 [kians mummy]: So what does it take to earn this badge

2011-07-15 [Duke Devlin]: I'd suggest you try to report stuff more, if you see it, and generally just be good around Elftown, rather than focusing so heavily on badge-hunting. :) That will make the time pass more quickly to when you perhaps do earn the badge.

2011-08-10 [kians mummy]: How much stuff have I found now? :)

2011-08-11 [iippo]: I'll leave the answer to that to someone else who can check, but I'd suggest that maybe you could start keeping track of it for yourself somewhere, on a private wiki or on your computer in a text file? That way you would always know. 

2011-08-11 [Lord Josmar]: And I dont know if spelling errors count...

2011-08-11 [kians mummy]: I'm pretty sure it would, on official pages anyway? :)

2011-11-02 [kians mummy]: How many have I done now?

2012-11-01 [Mortified Penguin]: I think I'm owed a promotion! Surely I've found and reported enough bugs to be at least a great grand master. Also, the link under my badge in my house needs to be fixed.

2012-11-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Also, that bug badge would be appreciated.

2012-11-02 [iippo]: Which link, sorry?

2012-11-02 [Mortified Penguin]: It's already been fixed.

2012-11-02 [iippo]: Ah, that 'splains it ^_^;;

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