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In The Loop Review

Hubby brought this movie home the other day on rental, and neither of us had heard anything about it before watching it, so we went in completely blind. We don't do that often, but we've sometimes found very good movies that way. Not really the case with this one, though.

In The Loop is a sort of political comedy in which the US President and UK Prime Minister are planning a war, but others are trying to prevent it. Simon Foster, the British Secretary of State for International Development, is kind of a bumbling idiot. He says the wrong things at the wrong times and is often referred to as a giant tit. He makes the mistake of backing the war publicly, says that war is "unforeseeable", and as a result gets a lot of support from the US government.

Malcolm Tucker, an incredibly foul-mouthed communications manager, sends Simon and his intern to the US to deal with the situation at hand. Foster doesn't want a war, and does his best to try to stop it from happening, but if there's anything we learn quickly about Foster, it's that he's really not very good at his job.

A movie with some pretty horrible people, funny situations, loads of cursing, fake meetings, committees that don't exist, leaks in information, and more, In The Loop will definitely get you laughing.

To be honest, we laughed quite a bit watching this. Some of the stereotypes were amusing, like the war-mongering US General. Overall though, the movie didn't hold up very well. It turned out to be a lot of good lines and funny scenes strung together without a very good plot or a lot in the way of character development. I note character development because there were so many focus characters, and really, the only two that grew or developed as people were Foster and Tucker, and neither made any real improvements.

It's not something I'd watch again, even going into it simply as a comedy. A lot of the humor came from the shock value of the number of curse words and insults that were strung together in one sentence or another, and that just doesn't replay very well over time.
/ [Nioniel]

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