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Race:Aberrant Kyton, a mutated devil warrior (Baatezu)
Age:nearly 350 Jashnian years, or around 17 Abyssal ages
Gender:androgyne features, sexless, masculine build
Rank/Class/Title:16th-lvl equivalent Telekinetic Warrior/Alientist/Inath Rebel
In his natural form, slate black smooth skin is broken only by deep bottle-green stripes that appear in a tiger-like pattern along the curves of his body.
He is mostly featureless, bearing only the facial curves of cheeks and eye sockets that glow a feral yellow-green when angered, and appear smoky and insubstantial otherwise.
Although many typical kytons clothe themselves in chains and spikes alone, Imorphixius conceals his body in modest rags and leathers to protect his relatively weak body in case of a sudden surprise.
He has a finely-toned masculine body, but no major features.
In wartimes, he loses the clothes, preferring only armor and chains to arm himself with.
He tends to paint white and red war marks on himself at these times, which often has secondary abilities to both morale and skill.
Skills:Immune to fire, poison, sonic attacks, insanity, and petrification.
Can see in complete darkness, including magical darkness, and has the ability to use telepathy to any creature within 100 feet that has a language.
His body is regenerative, meaning that it grows back lost pieces and limbs in 20 minutes to an hour, and can reattach severed limbs by holding it to the stump.
Most useful as an opposition attack is his ability to manipulate matter and objects with his mind, as a develoed telekinetic.
Most Kytons have the ability to control spiked chains and serrated blades, but as a variant of the breed (the only of his kind), he has no unnerving gaze, and instead can manipulate materials of many sorts, honing in on a substance's electromagnetic properties, and manipulating its spacial radiance and location.
He has an interest in deeper arcana and divine magic, and has learned the ways of the arcane at a very small degree, focusing on rituals, protections, and the needed skills and knowledge of the arcane mage.
His greatest strength is in his skills and talents as an Inath telekinetic, Curonic (shapeshifting and matter manipulation), alientist summoning/spells, and plane-walking abilities, which are excellent and diverse, to say the least.
Personality:Chaotic Neutral
He has little care for the needs of others, nor for mortal life, which is worthless in his opinion, and is really only interested in powerful beings, those who have the most interesting things to say, quite often.
He cares that a person is either GOOD or EVIL, only that what they can do is amusing or interesting to his everlasting curiosity. Imorphixius has no definitive personality, only that he is the instrument of the greatest dynamism the universe could ever create....however, he is in reality completely soulless. He is only a part of a compound being that was split into four separate bodies which, if combined back together in their newest incarnation at time of a particular moment in time in a specific manner, form to be a great and powerful entity capable of destroying the entire universe, and recreating it anew.
History:The greedy, worldly lords of an ancient race decided to split the entity apart, and scatter the sections of the demideity to various parts of the cosmos, in order to keep the universe expanding. As the entities regenerated from their new 'birth', they all had to relearn the ways of life, and Imorphixius, being a part of that being, was given to the devilish bloodlines of the Baatezu.
Imorphixius learned early that the ways of the devil lords were just as horrid and lawless as the demonic hordes of the
abyss and the other outer realms, so he quickly ran away at the earliest opportunity as a rebel fugitive, into another realm where he learned how to maintain his powers.
From there, he was asked to come through a gate that he entered while in a dream, which led him to the furthest outskirts of the cosmos, a world known as the Far Realm, or The Land of Insanity. 
He found the being which had led him there, a great, colossal whale-like being that gave off a godly aura, and spoke in mysteries, which the kyton spawnling could understand.
Slowly, Imorphixius gained better control of the substances around him by learning from the being's rational insanity, and became more focused on the ways of magic. He now has a constant connection to the Far Realm, and can travel there to escape danger at any time, but can only go there by himself from the material plane, or even from one of the upper layers of the Abyss. In all reality, the Far Realm only shares borders with a small few other lands:
Nelerosia, and the Land of the Mysts, Limbo, and the Astral plane on rare occasions. The Depth has no links there, and beings from the two planes cannot under any typical circumstances mingle in the opposite realm from their own.
Imorphixius has only recently learned of Nelerosia's existence, and has befriended the mad sorceror Quinidar Neleros, seeking to find a way to bring Quinidar closer to the worlds of the cosmos, and somehow to Zendelon.
Other: Imorphixius is the main catalyst in a prophetic time of the ages known as the Epicene, or the 'Great Shift', where the world of mankind will go through a massive, bloody change, and in which the secret mystery cult of the Inath may arise, which will bring the Dark Army of Shadow to Jashnia, and to the Universe.

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2004-04-27 [xido]: WFR Application Page

2004-07-04 [Nightshadow]: Well this guy is officially creepy. Definitely the most convincining divine-esque char I've ever read, though.

2004-07-04 [xido]: oh good......that was the point.  :P The Epicene comes soon....and it begins in Vraisynn, then onto Zendelon.

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