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Welcome to the new Imaginary Dragon Store!

Your own imaginary dragon is a great investment! You can carry it wherever you want, and all it needs is a pair of bits of memory inside your brain! It's a great company, you can decide how much it can eat and sleep! If it's too annoying, all you have to do is forget about it! It's clean, nice and in one piece, no spare parts! You can have as many as you want, and do with them as you wish! It's you who decides the mating season or even if you want it to exist! You can even take it with you if you wanna go hiking, or even scuba diving! No limits for your dragon! Best of all is that it's for free! You heard it right! FREE!! Call now! Our lovely operators are waiting for your call!! Call NOW!! *flashy lights*

Well... you can also feel free to come in and leave your name on the list. A brand new Imaginary Dragon will be arriving to your house as soon as possible! ^_^


Put your name here

1. [The Dizzy Raven] Can Gillain and Oceahic have a little sister named Snowfire? Please. can't help myself. I'm obsessed with dragons. XD
2. [Vampire Princess Twilight] Black dragon with silver eyes named Aurora, a blood red dragon with black eyes named Flame and a silver dragon with jade green eyes named Avalon.
3. [Lexi. Short and Sweet!] *picks up phone* I'd like to order a dragon please! xD I'd like a silver black dragon with violet eyes! ^__^ With the name of Kyo (male dragon! =D)
4. [DragonChaser] Would like to order a male Black Dragon with Red eyes. Any name will do. Tyvm
5. [Earoluim]Razgirz Dragons if you have them, or know where I can get one.
6. [The 5 Elements] Silver and hint of Aqua dragon with piercing gold eyes...please come with a good Japanese name..if u get stuck Xuan Wu would be good
7. [Lin-tastic] I'd like a black dragon with silver highlights anywhere possible. A dragon with sharp claws and beautiful emerald eyes. Peridot stones lace her neck-line. I hope all of that helps you decide her size and name.
8. [Nephthys] I would like a black dragon with crimson highlights and ice blue eyes. a female dragon would be preferable if you please. I'd like her to have a necklace with a fire symbol around her neck with a blood ruby in the middle of it. I'd like her to have the name Fire Lily and for her to be not to big but not small at all. Thank you. ^_^
9. [ForeverNothing] I would like a dragon plz. Maybe a red and black one named Cedric. ty
10. [A.M.C] Could I get a Orange, Blue and black dragon please called Fire Bing! and could it be male thanks =D
11. [Chris..] Could i get just a red dragon plz, I don't mind what other features it has ^^ O and can it be called Thorn plz

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Original idea and wiki made by [Rosey The Eskimo]


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2007-05-08 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ^_^

2007-05-12 [NibblerLove]: <img:44166_1164145160.gif>

2007-05-16 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: *giggle*

2007-05-30 [NibblerLove]: tee hee

2007-05-30 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ^_^

2007-05-31 [Lin-tastic]: Just out of curiosity, about how long does this imaginary dragon take?

2007-05-31 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: idk. I still haven't gotten my three yet.

2007-05-31 [Yoruno]: Wow, sorry... due to some personal problems the baby dragons haven't been properly prepared for their new houses... ^__^;; All the dragons in the list will be delivered for the end of the week. Thanks!

2007-05-31 [Lin-tastic]: Okay...just asking. ^_^ No rush, really. I don't mind when I get my baby girl. ^_^

2007-05-31 [NibblerLove]: I need a friend for mine too eventually but i want to wait awhile.

2007-06-05 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: hm..interesting.

2007-06-10 [NibblerLove]: lol

2007-06-10 [Lin-tastic]: Wow...

2007-06-14 [NibblerLove]: uh huh

2007-06-14 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ....*eats a grapefruit flavored pocky stick*

2007-06-14 [NibblerLove]: yummy

2007-06-20 [Lin-tastic]: Wow...

2007-10-10 [Yoruno]: Dragons delivered! I'm leaving the requests on the page in case someone don't remember why they got one ;)

2007-10-10 [Lin-tastic]: ^_^ That's good...I think I forgot I made a request...-looks "oops..."-

2007-10-10 [ForeverNothing]: yay i go my dragon!

2007-10-28 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: squee!! thanks for the dragons!

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