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2006-07-05 18:34:48
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Idyllic Ideas

Welcome to my application for being an Elftown crew member! While I have not been on a crew on any of the other Elftown related sites, I believe that I would be a good candidate for the crew.

I have been an elftown member for over two years. I like to look around Elftown and talk to people. I'm very friendly and work well with everyone, even the surliest of folk. I don't like to bash people, they are who they are, just as I am. I do, however, tend to get a little brash when it comes to people saying "I am way hotter than soandso" or "blank is a jerk-off, go tell them you think so". I tell them quite plainly and kindly that the number one rule of Elftown is "Don't be an asshole!" and that they should comply with that, so that when people peruse their page they don't think of that person as being a rude person. It makes Elftown all the more appealing and less intimidating, especially to new comers.

English is my home language and I have quite a passion for it. Maybe not just speaking it, but I intend to be a magazine journalist major at Columbia College Chicago. I love eloquence and reading people's posts and poems!


While I have never been an official 'part' of a forum, I enjoy looking through entries, especially on the writers' forums. As far as wikis I have made Serial Kisser and Deliberately Offensive. I am a member of many other wikis, among my favorites are Misfit Island and Secret Corner. I know how to set wikis up and I am very good with helping people set them up and understand them. I am in good compliance with the Uploading Art Rules, and only once [Hedda] kindly asked me to take down my tribute to Joey and Johnny Ramone, and I did. 

I love to get everyone's point of view on things, along with many facts (one of the many reasons I want to be a journalist). One thing I would love to do is to go around and ask people for their opinions on things such as how well they get along in Elftown, how they think things could be friendly, safer, etc and what I could do to help them improve their stay. I would love to be like the "Dear Abbey" of Elftown and give advice and helpful tips to the many members. 

Sucking Up
This is mainly my conclusion to my long list. I would just like to say that I really love Elftown. The moment I can kick someone off the computer I immediately put on music and log on to Elftown. I enjoy talking to people and I love how everyone is very nice. The one's that aren't so nice don't seem to come out of their cages very often, which actually makes things much more pleasant. Like I've said, I've been a member for over two years, and finally, I'd like to help out Elftown is any way possible. Please let me know if you enjoy my "Dear Abbey" idea or if you might have another position you think I'm made for. 

Thank You,

I didn't necessarily want a place for supporters (seemed bragging or something) but it makes a person feel better! ^^

1.Myself! (self confidence, baby!)

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2006-06-26 [NightTheOwl]: Wow this is a good Applicate! its really nice Idyllic

2006-06-26 [polaroid of purity]: Hee! Cute.

2006-06-26 [idyllicday]: thank you! ^_^ i hope i make it ;)

2006-07-03 [dew_farie]: Very nice, I like it. If you had a place for it, I would probably sign you list of supporters.

2006-07-03 [idyllicday]: I'll put one ^^

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