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2005-11-14 06:46:43
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Ice Queen's Campaign

1.) After being here for almost three years, I have all the general knowledge needed to be a guard. I have full skills in the great art of wiki’s, seeing as though I have made many of my own and participate in countless others. I take polls and create polls, so I know quite well how to deal with polls. The only thing I don’t participate in is the forum, not because I don’t know how to use them, but because I’m usually enthralled in an adventurous wiki. Overall, I know how to maneuver my way around Elftown, like I know the back of my hand.

2.) If people don’t use correct English around me, it irritates the hell out of me. I hate receiving messages with the lovely wording such as cuz, 2, wut, sup, how r u, b 4, etc… I just cant understand why people cannot take the time to address me and fellow other Elftown residents alike. It would save us all a headache.

3.) Goals:
1. Keep the artwork to the rightful owner, stolen artwork is a disgrace to do if you call your self an artist. Even if you’re not an artist, it’s despicable. 

2. Get help for the people who are being harassed by the patrons of Elftown who need a swift kick in the ass.

3.Keep porno off from Elftown. And I don’t mean the beauty of a naked person, but I mean the porno that young cybering minds decide to display up in their houses. 

4. Stop the perverts; keep them away from people who don’t appreciate their feelings.

5. And finally, to do whatever Elftown would like me to do. Including nifty messages above the houses of its patrons. I’m ready and willing.

4.) My wiki’s are not children friendly wiki’s. It is implied when they first venture into them that they are not allowed to participate. They have long stopped flourishing because I have let them wither and die, as I grow older and more mature. I also participate in multitudes of other wiki’s.
    My Wiki's Phoenix's Lair
         Improper Grammer Police.
         Havens Blood_RP
         I have also made many other wiki's that   relate back to each other.
    Wiki's I have participated in:

5.) I would like to help restore Elftown to what it once was. A place for Artist and all creative minds to come together and dream of great fantasies without the marring. I want to see Elftown once again without the cybering openly, stealing, and the general shitheads. I will serve Elftown as long as humanly possible, and until my fingers are dead weight to Elftown. I know I will be able to check Elftown several nights a week, unless my computer dies, and if that happens I have a library next door.

6.) Assholes are a favorite people of mine. They actually say what’s on their mind, and tell the truth to all the shitheads. Besides, I’ve got to like my people, the Assholes. What a great bunch we are. 

7.) I love Elftown, I fell for it the first time I typed the letter in my first wiki. Besides if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be a visitor after all of these years. Meeting like-minded people is always a wonderful thing, people who you can form great friendships with throughout the years.

8.) On the plus side, I make a mean grilled cheese.

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2005-10-23 [xaio]: Sure. I'd support you.

2005-11-12 [sleepless]: Support right here.

2006-06-30 [tuff ghost]: Woot, woot! Same here.

2006-08-18 [Aeolynn]: I'll support you!!!!

2007-11-22 [pelv13]: avast! this kid would do swell as far as i can tell... we've talked for years, though she seems to be absent at present

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