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Icarus Nearanather

Name: Icarus Nearanather
Race: Human
Age: 20
Weapons: Guisarme, Scimitar, Shield, & Longbow
Armor: None
Magic: Magic Tattoos:
1) A ring around the thumb and ring around the middle finger which when he snaps they make a small flame, virtually useless and costs very little stamina to make and none to maintain.

2) The second are two tattoos that looks like spades, like on a deck of cards, and they are just beneath his wrists and the point points up towards the palm, one for each arm. From these tattoos he can shoot metal out from his body like a blade, a chain, whatever he needs. This extracts the iron in his body so if the metal ever breaks off and thus he can’t retract it he needs to literally eat iron to replenish himself. He has eaten a large amount of iron so that he has at least two good sized blades from each tattoo.

Strengths: He is incredibly intelligent, physically fit, financially savvy, good with his hands, spiritually sound, and he is a very sociable person. He was taught a way of life that encompasses everything from a young age by the man that made him his monster hunting apprentice.

Weaknesses: Most of his weaknesses are personality flaws. He falls prey to a pretty face easily and he has a weak spot... for pancakes.

Appearance: He has long brown matted hair that is pulled back in a sort of pony tail and he usually doesn’t shave and thus has a layer of stubble all over his jaw. He is tall and fit, probably 6‘3“ and 155lbs. He has dark green eyes behind his half-circle glasses. His glasses also have a shaded glass piece that is hinged to the bottom of the glasses so he can be shaded in the sun and any reading would have to be at eye level or the words would be shaded, this helps his posture. When he sees a client he will shave and comb his hair but otherwise he lets it all out. He wears a long, light brown, leather trench coat in cold weather and under that he wears loose and light Arabian style of clothes. He wears a white shirt, blue pants, a blue and orange striped sash, and sandals. If he’s going into a fight knowingly he will switch to leather boots and gloves. When with a client he will wear more formal clothes. When making equipment he will wear a leather apron along with the leather boots and gloves

Personality: He is nice, intelligent, diligent, social, loyal, and so much more. He has many good personality qualities however he finds it hard to trust people. Also, although loyal he is fickle but usually chooses the side that seems to be right and good. He keeps his plans to himself and doesn’t always tell the whole truth which can make him seem deceitful to his allies. Lastly his speech and movements seem rather strange and eccentric at times but he acts serious when seriousness is required.

History: When he was 5 his parents were taken away and he and his sister were left to fend for themselves. After setting up a small home in a dug out cave under a tree they found Icarus became a sort of thief stealing what he could from peoples’ caravans and selling what he stole. One day, a year later, am old man traveled by and Icarus snuck on to the cart and when he tried to steal the sword the old man stopped the cart.
Icarus was sneaking off with the sword when the old man said, “Hold it young man. Where do you think you are going with my sword?”
Icarus turned to see the old man with his long white beard and he wore old tattered brown robes and a wizard style hat to match. His hands shook as he tried to hold the sword in his small hands but he tried his hardest not to show his weakness. “Go away old man, I don’t want to use this on you!” Icarus screamed.
“Now now, you can’t even use that thing can you?” The old man said kneeling down to Icarus’s height.
Icarus ran at the old man and raised the sword over his head but the weight pulled him back and he fell backwards. He growled and picked up the sword once more and ran at the man with a horizontal slash. The old man hopped back from the slash and watched as the child was thrown off balance by the large sword’s immense weight. He was surprised though when the child was able to get up and grip the sword again, however this time Icarus could not pick up the sword. 
The old man walked to the boy and put his hand on his shoulder. Icarus was crying as he tried to pick up the sword and when the man put his hand on his shoulder he just broke into tears. The old man talked with Icarus for a while to find out what had happened and he looked Icarus over. “I am getting old as you can tell and I find myself in need of a legacy. I have no children and thus no one to pass down my wisdom to, would you accept an apprenticeship under me?”
Icarus hugged the old man and all the old man could hear was a muffled words said over and over again into his robes, he assumed it to be a yes. The old man kneeled down to Icarus and said, “It is fine now, master Zilinth is here.”
He took Icarus’s sister and, with both children’s permissions, Zilinth left her in the care of his friend, a blacksmith in his home town. Although he didn’t go there much he still knew many people there and it was a good place to raise a child.
Ten years of apprenticeship was put into Icarus. He was taught proper manners, he was educated on multiple subjects, he was taught extremely good ways to study things, he was taught many things about the various monsters of the world, he was taught medicine use and how to make them too. He also became physically fit, working out multiple times a day. He became very spiritual to many different gods of every religion both poly and mono theistic. He gained quite a bit of money, enough to buy a house a settle down if he wanted, but he doesn’t want to settle down anytime soon. He has also been taught many social skills such as persuasion, quips, jokes, how to add to a stimulating intellectual conversation, or to a conversation about booze and breasts. He was taught how to talk to any crowd whether for intelligence seeking or just having a good time. He was even taught arts of flirting, seduction, and other such things for the ladies, however he favors the traditional approach or courting a girl before consorting with her. He was taught how to appreciate and create art and he learned all forms of art which are music, dancing, drawing, painting, even the art of language which is why he can speak common, elven, dwarven, and even ancient glyphs pertaining to words of power and sigils. Last of all he learned how to use monster parts to make weapons, armor, devices, and weapon coatings, he even learned how to engineer these different things, one example being a ballistic dagger. He also learned how much these things can be sold for too. Although Zilinth never learned it he was happy that Icarus learned such important talents.
With all this knowledge and by being active in all realms of life Icarus led a good and healthy life, Zilinth however was getting older and his health was deteriorating. Not long after the apprenticeship Zilinth fell too ill to carry on monster hunting and passed on all his belongings to Icarus. He left him a large sum of money, his weapons, his cart, and his store house.
After ten years Icarus knocked on the door, Zilinth resting in the cart, and a young woman answered the door. He looked at her face and said, “Sophie... is that you?”
“Ya, what do ya need?” His sister didn’t even recognize him.
“Sophie you don’t remember me do you. Jeez its only been ten years.” Icarus said with a sly grin.
She looked closely at his face... uncomfortably close in fact. She pinched his cheek and flicked him in the forehead and she back up thinking for a moment. “Now there is no way I would remember some snot nosed brat that left with some old geezer to be a monster hunter.” she said crossing her arms.
They laughed and hugged glad to be reunited. Icarus explained to Sophie’s foster parents that Zilinth was ill and he asked them to watch over him and that he would pay for any expenses. They excepted his proposal and he visits Zilinth every so often when he can.
One day a few months later he was suppose to meet Sophie at a carnival and he was a little late getting back to the village. When he went to where they were supposed to meet he saw her getting taken away by some thugs. He chased after them and before he got to them one of them hit her hard in the back of the head so she would stop squirming. They were quickly beaten down and scared off by Icarus and when Sophie woke up in the hospital she couldn’t tell where she was. The hit in the back of the head caused her to go completely blind. The operation was too risky and to magically heal costed thousands of gold so until he saves up that much Sophie rests and spends her days mostly with Zilinth and her sisters, the biological children of her foster parents.
Icarus has made that house a usual stop on his way to places but he still has the store house which he uses as a place to sleep as well. He is above all things a monster hunter saving money to repair his sister’s blindness and cares for his master until he dies which should be, unfortunately, soon.
After a year he met people who derive magic power from tattoos and after killing a monster they rewarded them with their magic. As he lay on the table with his middle finger and thumb held tight by the spell weaver a man sat behind his head with his hands near Icarus’s ears. He bent down to him and said, “Listen closely. This will be an intense pain like no other. Needles of ink will be entering your skin and you will fight the pain and fight for consciousness. I want you to let go of consciousness and let the darkness take you. In your subconscious the ink will form into the instructions of how to use the two spells we are ingraining into your body. Your power comes from within you and the ink acts like a medium between the power and its manifestation. Your power will drain your stamina and with the metal forming tattoo it will take iron right from your body. Be careful Icarus.” After that the tattoo process began and after an excruciating hour Icarus finally gave into the pain. In his mind the ink floated over to him and formed the many pictures that instructed him on how to use both tattoos.
Since then he has been traveling for three years.

Other: Yes he knows a lot of crap and he seems to be able to do anything but do not say that this is impossible. I myself am trying to become mentally smart, physically fit, financially savvy, socially adept, and spiritually well off. I’m just at the starting stages but i can already tell the good effects it is having on me and I’m doing perfectly well with it all thus far. It may seem impossible to be as such but it is not, and even though he is like he is, he’s still just a normal guy in the end and a knife to the back can still kill him.
Also there is more to his back story but that is an actual story, I just wrote those little excerpts because a bland paragraph of what happened is too boring for Icarus Nearanather.
Also check out Hiuko, Bangs, and Hachen. This was brought to you by [Hiuko].

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2011-01-06 [shiro tagachi]: is it just me or are all your character 6'3" and 155lbs except hiuko

2011-01-07 [Hiuko]: All both of them, ya just about. They're both 20 years old and Hiuko is 200. I try to keep them about the same as myself as far as height, weight, and age just so it is easier for me to picture them in my mind. Hiuko though needs to be short for more agility.

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