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Welcome to our wiki page we hope you enjoy this special page for special people (I can't spell for shit). Ah fuck it. Oh well this is for people who have a problem sleeping and right now I don't care what you do to this page. If you wreck any thing I write though you will regret it. Ok now that that's out of the way let's get started shall we. We are having a logo contest send me a message showing me your logo or put it on the page. We will decide who will be the winner or winners. Ok to join just write your name next to the numbers we set out ok. Oh and if you have a complaint message me and I'll get it straightened out.... peace.

               - [i fall from the sky]
ok every one please write what u want
               -[i fall from the sky]


1. [i fall from the sky] owner
2. [V.V.] co owner...and crazy... *twiches* Very crazy!
3. [*Ice Angel*] ^_^ my first person
5. [black lilly] okie then i get # 5!
6. [toycar]my precious number 6 *steals it*
7. [eatable cookie] my lucky number! ^_^ *twitches* hmm yes, yes oh so lucky! *rocks back and forth* happy, happy, happy...
8. [Galadriel] I didn't delete any of your information, I just fixed your misspelled words and stuff like that, I hope you don't mind. Yeah and for the name *7/11*~instead of open all night, it's up all night...
9.[Queen of Stars] this is a very cool idea.
10.[Lothos] sleep is against my religion! lol

If u need to (which I doubt) add more lines and numbers.

go to INSOMINACS UNITE banners to post banners or choose one.

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2004-07-13 [toycar]: hehe...thanks...i guess. i need to learn how to write long ones.. but i just cant do it. i try to write a never happens.. go the short sentences..hehe

2004-07-13 [Queen of Stars]: then just put it aside for a little while and the rest will probably come later. at least that's what happens for me.

2004-07-13 [toycar]: hehe ok. ill be going in like 5 minutes : (

2004-07-14 [black lilly]: ok anyways

2004-07-14 [eatable cookie]: hey all i'm going now...

2004-07-14 [Queen of Stars]: hope you had a good night at work. good shift for a night owl. well, maybe i'll be able to talk to you tonight. 

2004-07-15 [toycar]: hahaha... yes.. wierd 24 year old guy asked me to marry him. i very much hope he was joking because i said yes, hoping that he was joking *is scared now*

2004-07-15 [i fall from the sky]: that wasnt very smart ya know

2004-07-15 [toycar]: i know..... nah. its happened before. you always get a marriage proposal from some wierd random............... there are lots of wierd people where i i am very used to it

2004-07-15 [i fall from the sky]: i see so how do know he isnt joking and will marry u? hm....

2004-07-15 [toycar]: haha... ill prob see him at work another time... and he wont even remember who i am : ) junkies are like that... lots of gaga people round...cant wait to move

2004-07-15 [i fall from the sky]: lol were u moving to?

2004-07-15 [toycar]: dont know yet.. hahaha. im still 17. want to leave... just..dont have the money for it

2004-07-15 [i fall from the sky]: i see

2004-07-15 [toycar]: yeah...but im going to new zealand at the end of the year... so maybe ill just hide up there..muahaha

2004-07-15 [i fall from the sky]: have fun lol

2004-07-15 [toycar]: i will. it will just be me and two other good friends..all by our the middle of anther country. yey. i have NEVER been out of australia.gahhh

2004-07-15 [i fall from the sky]: in the middle of another country with friends.....things that make u go hmmm....

2004-07-15 [Queen of Stars]: sounds like to could be one heck of a road trip and maybe some fun too. Juse make sure that you plan things out so that you don't get stuck with no plan and no money - that wouldn't be cool at all. And still watch out for that guy, I have to agree with darknessfire on this one, could be no a good thing.

2004-07-16 [toycar]: haha....ok... i will

2004-07-16 [toycar]: nooooo. i just made the MADDEST eyes ever on photoshop..and the apple thing closed. arrrrg. oh well.. i saved them before i added the go start over i guess

2004-07-16 [i fall from the sky]: *yawns*

2004-07-16 [toycar]: keeheh.. i did them again. how are you?

2004-07-16 [i fall from the sky]: im alright u?

2004-07-16 [toycar]: meh... im better then usual. which deserves like a super smiley *inserts super smiley*

2004-07-16 [i fall from the sky]: u are way to off the wall

2004-07-16 [toycar]: : ) <----------smile. i bought 4 shirts today

2004-07-16 [black lilly]: good good

2004-07-17 [Queen of Stars]: what do they look like?

2004-07-17 [toycar]: black...dark blue... black... and... another black one which says 'im with stupid' kehehe. it amused me for several minutes. so my sister basically forced me to buy it. i also painted my dorky fishermans hat. it now says LOSER on it...kehehe. but its not permanent clothes i might write something else

2004-07-18 [Queen of Stars]: sounds like fun. so what else have you been up to lately?

2004-07-18 [toycar]: nothing...*cries* going back to school tomorrow... i really dont want to...arrg.

2004-07-18 [black lilly]: seriously? school tomorrow?

2004-07-18 [eatable cookie]: for me too

2004-07-19 [black lilly]: wow i dont have school till september

2004-07-19 [i fall from the sky]: same here

2004-07-19 [toycar]: so unfair. oh well.. only 37 days left for school for me EVER. the rest of the time is just exams..gahhh.

2004-07-19 [i fall from the sky]: well have fun ^^

2004-07-19 [toycar]: im sure i wont.. gah... in 2 weeks time... i have 3 weeks worth of exams... im very afraid

2004-07-19 [i fall from the sky]: wow

2004-07-19 [toycar]: *shakes* i swear if it doesnt kill me... it will make me very unhappy...derr of of course ill be unhappy. who likes emams? ahhhh

2004-07-19 [i fall from the sky]: lol

2004-07-19 [eatable cookie]: i have school in the morning! *dreads* ARGHHHH!!!!

2004-07-19 [toycar]: gee.. bad spelling in my last message. i know i have school tomorrow as well. i wake up at 6, catch a train at 7, walk, then get to school at 8:30..... then.. at 3:20 i get out of school and walk, then catch the train, then get home at 5pm... what a lovely day *yaaawns* and STILL i cannot sleep after it

2004-07-19 [Queen of Stars]: and our kids thought that they had it bad. at least I don't have to go to school anymore, that was quite a few years ago.

2004-07-19 [Queen of Stars]: and I'm one adult that can admitt that I wouldn't want to be in school now a days, to much differences in when I went to school and now.

2004-07-19 [toycar]: hehe. i hate mine. so strict.. gahh. and so far away

2004-07-19 [Queen of Stars]: sounds like it. so why so many tests so early in the year?

2004-07-19 [toycar]: its just how schools over here work. these are my last days of school FOREVER... 37 days left..gahh. and they do all these exams... we do the HSC..gahh...big scary tests...ahhhh.

2004-07-19 [Queen of Stars]: I'm glad I live here then. Gosh, I don't know how I'd handle all that stress. I didn't handle tests well when I was in school, I don't know how I'd handle all of the ones you have to take.

2004-07-19 [Queen of Stars]: But at least if you do this, you're all done. At least that's some conselation. Your last 37 days and counting down. 

2004-07-19 [toycar]: yep.....but thats not including the weeks of tests...*cries* but... 37 days left of sitting in a classroom trying to learn... ive never felt better knowing that thats the only number of days left. anyway...gotta go get ready to sleep... ta!

2004-07-19 [Queen of Stars]: get some sleep and talk to you  soon.

2004-07-19 [black lilly]: *sighs8

2004-07-19 [black lilly]: *sighs*

2004-07-20 [toycar]: at school again. gotta go to next class soon

2004-07-20 [black lilly]: sorry

2004-07-21 [Queen of Stars]: so how's school going so far?

2004-07-21 [Eydryth]: heya can i join

2004-07-21 [Eydryth]: srry for some reason i repeated myself and had to edit this

2004-07-21 [toycar]: dont see why not. school is....... keehehe. mrs nini one of my teachers called home this arvo.. aparently i 'dont respect her oppinions'. i do... its just..whenever she touches my art...she just seems to..ruin it

2004-07-21 [black lilly]: lol! sorry! i understand tho...they think they're better, but they always screw it up!

2004-07-22 [toycar]: haha yep.

2004-07-23 [Queen of Stars]: amen to that. That's why I don't believe that others should judge others art. What they may not like, others will love. It's a matter of freedom of expression and that's exactly why it's art.

2004-07-23 [toycar]: *takes your oppinion and huggles it* wish my art TEACHER would understand

2004-07-25 [Queen of Stars]: now you know why my message name and mailbox are named communmom. Short for the community mom. Tee-hee. Even my kids bring their friends home or on the phone to talk to me. But I guess it's her job to be hard on you. I don't know, I'm not her only me. Glad it made you feel better.

2004-07-26 [toycar]: hehe yep. me tooo. im at school again... oh well. it will all be over soon : )

2004-07-28 [Queen of Stars]: keep counting down the days. it's just around the corner. good luck. and thanks for being my friend.

2004-07-28 [toycar]: *is scared* i have one school lessons day before exams start next week for two weeks and a bit... ok... im scared

2004-07-28 [Queen of Stars]: ok, calm down. You're definitely not stupid and I have faith that you can do this. This should be a piece of cheesecake for you. Just remain calm and focused.  And if you need to vent, I'll listen, at least till I have to leave for my appointment.

2004-07-28 [toycar]: im just worried about the english exam... i should be alright though. ill just study over the weekend... ill be going soon though... must read my book before i go to bed otherwise im not relaxed enough and dont sleep at all..hehe

2004-07-28 [Queen of Stars]: good then read and relax. and don't study to hard. study but not so much that that's all you do. could turn out to be not such a good thing. whenever I used to study to hard, then I'd forget everything and freeze for the test. Maybe you're not like that though. You're smart and intelligent and you know what you're doing. So just go ahead and do what you need to and you'll accomplish anything you set your mind to.

2004-07-28 [toycar]: hehe you are really positive.. ive been putting on a happy face..all my friends are fretting. im just scared because im not panicking as much as i should be... but... ill take it as a good thing and just prepare myself as much as i can. thanks for the little chat...but...i have to go now : ( talk to you soon

2004-07-29 [Queen of Stars]: Good luck and I'm glad I could help. And let your friends wonder for a little while, they'll survive it. And have a good day. Talk to you soon.

2004-08-02 [toycar]: had 1st english exam today...all went well... i hope.. hehe. i wrote a long-ish poem.. so very proud of myself. hahaha

2004-08-08 [Queen of Stars]: Good going. Poems and long ones are hard. Proud of you. Sorry that I haven't been around, been really busy and no one around to help out right now so I have to do it all myself. So what's new in school? Still doing good?

2004-08-08 [toycar]: sad to hear that you have been busy. same... most of my exams are done though.. got the easy ones left : )aw..thanks... *goes all red like* DOING great actually. me found someone on here thats really stangeish easily makes me laugh i havent had a chance to be all miserable...

2004-08-14 [Queen of Stars]: good for you

2004-08-14 [Queen of Stars]: the poem on my home page won an Editor's Choice Award, I'm so happy, glad to hear that you're doing good and miss talking to you

2004-08-15 [toycar]: ah REALLY! wow! *congratulates you*

2004-08-15 [eyes of frost]: yes congrats momma! -does a happy tired dance-

2004-08-15 [Queen of Stars]: thank you everybody. Now if they only knew how much I didn't like the poem that I submitted, imagine their surprise.

2004-08-15 [eyes of frost]: You know that happened to justin. He submitted a 3 line poem and it got an award. Imagine his supprise...^_^

2004-08-16 [toycar]: hahah cool

2004-08-16 [Queen of Stars]: he told be about it. remember you told him to call me and only then would he find out what he needed to congratulate me on. tee-hee

2004-08-16 [Queen of Stars]: hey cheese, how are those tests coming along? I just know that you're killing them with your vast knowledge. I'm still praying that you get through it all and that you do well. talk to you soon. toodles

2004-08-16 [toycar]: i finished today!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeee... im so happy. i even got a mad bra. its camo colour... its in my house cause i scanned it...heheh

2004-08-16 [Queen of Stars]: you scanned your camo bra, this I gotta go and see. That's one way to finish out your high school experience.

2004-08-17 [toycar]: and... the me is wearing it now!

2004-08-18 [Queen of Stars]: sounds good. How does it fit? 

2004-08-19 [toycar]: very nicely...

2004-08-22 [Queen of Stars]: that's good. I'm so big that it's hard to find bras that hold me up and aren't too small. being a 36DD can be a pain in the ass sometimes. And forget about underwires, they just plain hurt. But at least I'm getting back down to a D cup again. There are some nice things that happen when you lose weight. Tee-hee. Just wish that it would become a C cup again.

2004-08-22 [toycar]: hehe i wish i was bigger... im tiny as... : (

2004-08-23 [Queen of Stars]: trust me, you honestly don't want them to be bigger. not only is finding bras hard, but they give you a backache and they get in the way. Then they don't stay perky either. So trust me and take it from someone who's already there, you don't want big boobs.

2004-08-23 [Queen of Stars]: So how are you doing today? Are you out of school yet, it is just about that time for you isn't it? How did you do on all of your testing?

2004-08-23 [toycar]: haha i failed math... *hoot* i dont care though...didnt study much

2004-08-23 [Queen of Stars]: oops. You were doing so well there though. What happened, did you just get fed up or burned out? Do you have to retake the math course?

2004-08-23 [toycar]: nah... its just one exam... o.o.... haha im not stressed about it. my calculator ran out halfway and i lost 20 mins because the teachers needed to find me another one... mine is...really stuffed...i put new batteries in it 2 days before the exam...

2004-08-23 [Queen of Stars]: I would have been throwing the calculator if it had done that to me. But if you're not worried then neither am I. But could the teachers have been any slower about finding you another one?

2004-08-23 [toycar]: haha no...i dont think so... arrg

2004-08-23 [Queen of Stars]: well then,what are your plans for the future? 

2004-08-25 [toycar]: no clue... really...NO CLUE...

2004-08-25 [Queen of Stars]: Uh-Oh you should have some idea of what you'd like to do. Need some help sorting it out or just want to take some time to think about things? Either way, I'm here.

2004-08-26 [toycar]: ehehe thanks... ill prob do something to do with design... o.o... i have a few places i could go to...its just...getting organised enough to get myself a place in them... aack

2004-08-26 [Queen of Stars]: Hey, taking a little while to get yourself together and some time to yourself isn't a bad thing you know. It will make you more into whatever you choose to do, when you decide that it's time. You'll also be more inclined to stick with whatever you choose, because you didn't jump into it before thinking about everything.

2004-08-26 [toycar]: thanks, that makes it sound a lot more...organised and planned. hehe

2004-08-26 [Queen of Stars]: not everybody has to be organized and planned all of the time. sometimes it's just fun to do things on the spur of the moment, but when it comes to a job that you'll have for a very long time and your future, you need to be organized and planned about it.

2004-08-26 [toycar]: i want to work for a i can have some money to move out and at least rent with one of my friends...thats all i really want right now

2004-08-30 [Queen of Stars]: Now see, that sounds like a plan of action to me. So what other plans do you have for yourself?

2004-08-30 [toycar]: im not allowed to do that...but thats all i want to do... ive looked at some uni's some colleges.... but thats about it.... im so not sure..oh well

2004-08-30 [Queen of Stars]: As I've said before, it's not a bad thing that you're not rushing into things. And for some reason, your not allowed to make a plan of action. Why on earth not?

2004-08-30 [toycar]: ...long story... hehe...dont worry... im sure ill get my own the long run

2004-09-01 [Queen of Stars]: then I guess that this is what's important in the end. Sounds like you're as stubborn as I am. Tee-hee not always a bad thing, but can sometimes get us into a whole lot of trouble.

2004-09-01 [toycar]: yep...i can agree on that... hahah...

2004-09-01 [Queen of Stars]: good to know that I'm not the only stubborn, pig-headed person out here (especially for a woman) tee-hee

2004-09-01 [toycar]: nah im only stubborn when someone doesnt want to even agree with me in the slightest...or hear my side

2004-09-03 [Queen of Stars]: I think that I'm going to stop talking to those in my house. I'm sick of having to yell to be heard and doing absolutely everything by myself.

2004-09-03 [Queen of Stars]: how's that for being stubborn and pig=headed

2004-09-03 [toycar]: nah... thats fair. if no one is doing anything you have more then any right to yell hehe

2004-09-03 [Queen of Stars]: I'm just tired. Physically and mentally from everything and I didn't get to go on my vacation because we didn't have the money. It was go on vacation or pay the car insurance and I can't be without a car. I can't even say "Oh well, shit happens" because it always happens to me. Hell, I'm always knee deep in it. Tee-hee Where are my hip waders

2004-09-05 [toycar]: haha yeah. i hate how things are now.. and then i think..well it cant get worse...and then it does.. so...arrg

2004-09-09 [Queen of Stars]: I definitely know what you mean about it only getting worse. But I honestly don't know what could be much worse than it is already. 

2004-09-10 [toycar]: exactly... i dont know how it gets worse..but it does o.o

2004-09-16 [Queen of Stars]: So, how have you been cheese, long time no talk to. Sorry I haven't been on lately. So what's been going on?

2004-09-18 [toycar]: nothing much... same old boring..stuff. 5 days left of school..forever... then exams...

2004-09-18 [Queen of Stars]: So do you think that you're prepared for the exams? I have lots and lots of faith in you that you'll do just great on them all. 

2004-09-18 [toycar]: eheh i hope ill do alright.. we have holidays which we can study.. so i still have about 4 weeks

2004-09-18 [Queen of Stars]: Well then, that's always good. Just don't study yourself to the point that you freeze when you go to take the test. My god-daughter is so darn cute. I love this time alone with her in the morning. Reminds me of when my kids were this age. 

2004-09-18 [toycar]: awww.... thats so sweet...

2004-09-18 [Queen of Stars]: My world is my kids, they've kept me sane and strong against many things that most ordinary people would have given in to. Can't give in when someone is depending upon you, now can you? You should see her eat her toast. She's just so cute and smiles all the time. She also love to play the growl game. It's fun with them at this age. Plus the fact that you can help mold them into the people they will become later on in life. Knowing that because I was there for my kids and that I taught them important things, makes everything worth it in the end. They're both smart and good kids and knowing that I played a part in that makes me even prouder. Tommy has his first football game today,

2004-09-18 [Queen of Stars]: scrimage actually. I've gotta go in a few minutes so that I can be there to cheer him on. I hate football, but I won't tell him that.

2004-09-18 [toycar]: aww... you seem so nice... i wish... i could have grown up...with a you : ( *tears*

2004-09-18 [Queen of Stars]: I'm not perfect, far from it as a matter of fact; but I never give up and that's what's important. I also listen to my children, as much as I can. They are also my friends. I always have to be mom first, but I'm their friend second. I think that this makes it easier to help them grow and learn and a way that I can be more involved in their lives.

2004-09-19 [Queen of Stars]:

I need some help. My adopted sun is missing crying and drunk. he has no way to a phone so if you hear from stryx, please let me know. please....

2004-09-19 [toycar]: : ( im sorry i cant i hope you find him

2004-09-20 [Queen of Stars]: I found him, thanks for your concern. He was really messed up and needed to talk to me but because of how high my phone bill was, I couldn't call him and he ran out of minutes on his cell phone. It bites when you can't go to someone you love and care about because they are so far away. So how are you? How many days left of school now? Bet you are getting excited about that part at least? Not the exams, but the end of school. Talk to you again soon.

2004-09-21 [toycar]: yeah SO exited. im so glad you find him...phew... only 3 days left... plus a wier graduation day

2004-09-21 [Queen of Stars]: why weird? thanks for your concern, it's appreciated. Now cross your fingers and hope that everything goes alright; 'cause if it does then we'll be moving into our new place (hopefully by the beginning of October). I can't wait to get out. I haven't told you yet about my father-in-law. He came on to me, he's 77 and that's just absolutely sick. I refuse to stay in a house where I'm sexually harrassed! Would you?

2004-09-22 [toycar]: no!... but...i want to leave here for other reasons... hope you have a good time in your new house *crosses fingers for you*

2004-09-22 [Queen of Stars]: Thanks, It can't be any worse than it is here and at least I won't have to put up with my father-in-law, that's a really big plus to getting out. 

2004-09-22 [Queen of Stars]: Now tell me what your other reasons are. Maybe I can help you sort things out. (and thanks for crossing your fingers for me) Wish you could come and be here with us, would be fun to get to meet you face to face and be able to hug a good and dear friend of mine. 

2004-09-22 [toycar]: aww it would be nice.... my reasons... o.o i have a 'mother' who wont let me call her 'mum'...i have to call her by her name.... that is only...the stupid reasons.... she just hates me for some reason

2004-09-23 [Queen of Stars]: I have never understood mothers who don't want to be called mom. I love the fact that I'm a mom and I relish that I have children to call me mom. Even my adopted children. It's an honor to be called mom, especially when you didn't even give birth to them. It makes it even sweeter then. If you need motherly advice, you can always ask me then. I can't be your mom, but I can be here to help you (if you'd like me to).

2004-09-24 [i fall from the sky]: what I miss????

2004-09-25 [toycar]: hehe its alright...thanks though, youve been really nice : )

2004-09-25 [Queen of Stars]: That's just who and what I am hon, nothing special. You've been nice to me and a good friend too. I don't think you've missed much darkness, but then I'm not on that often anymore and losing touch with all of my friends lately.

2004-11-10 [Queen of Stars]: hey there, where's everyone been lately? Nobody's said anything on here. So here it is "anything!"

2004-11-11 [toycar]: hehe.. EXAMS ARE DONE :D

2004-11-11 [Queen of Stars]: So what else has been going on in your life lately? It's had to be more than just exams and school. Though I know it's tough to have a social life while studying for exams. So........

2004-11-11 [toycar]: just exams....basically. the occasional escape with my friends...was meant to go out today... but my passport which i posted 2 weeks ago stuffed up. the post office called said that the witness person hadnt signed... and there are ONLY 19 days till we go away now. luckily i got it all fixed up to today with this 48 hour turnaround thing... so i should get it next week. i got so scared i wouldnt be going to new zealand.. arrg.. but its all fixed now...siiigh

2004-11-12 [Queen of Stars]: Well, at least that's fixed and you don't have to worry about it anymore. What's the next step in planning your trip. What are you doing next.

2004-11-12 [toycar]: everything is PLANNED :D all i have to do now is wait 18 days till i can fly out. SO happy.

2004-11-12 [Queen of Stars]: that's really cool. Do you have everything packed that you'll need for your trip? Oh how I wish I could take a trip like you are taking, would be so much fun. Make sure that you take lots n' lots of pictures. We'll all want to see everything interesting that you see on your trip, especially me. You know how curious I am about different places and what's there. Hope the next 18 days flies by for you.

2004-11-13 [toycar]: hehe i hope so tooo... acck not packed yet though..hehe

2004-11-15 [Queen of Stars]: better get going on that one. Takes a long time to figure out what will fit in the suitcases and what won't and what you really need and what you don't. But then again, you could always pack at the last possible second and then not have everything that you need. He-he

2004-11-16 [toycar]: hahah that is what i usually do... aack...

2004-11-18 [Queen of Stars]: hey then, get up off your duff and get it started then. How's that, sound like your mom or what? Tee-hee. Just joking hon. I'm trying to keep you occupied until your trip starts. Haven't you figured that out yet? Love ya

2004-11-21 [toycar]: only 9 days now..... actually theres only 6 days till im 18 now :D

2004-11-23 [Queen of Stars]: wooohoooo. The big 18 huh. Ahhh to be that young again. Brings back many bitersweet memories. And only a few more days until your trip. Darn, I'm gonna miss you a lot you know. I'm still happier than hell for you. Have lots of fun and then a little more just for me. Tee-hee

2004-11-24 [toycar]: hehe ok i will. i want to get some combat boot... they are comfy o.o

2004-11-24 [Queen of Stars]: yes, combat boots are comfy but I will tell you that hiking boots are better. Not as hard to break in and built in pads for extra comfort. They would probably be much better if you plan on doing a lot of walking and such.

2004-11-25 [toycar]: haha yeah i guess.. but the combat boots i can get them from the army depot..or depo....or whatever its called for $5...the hiking boots are rather costly :(

2004-11-26 [Queen of Stars]: yeah, but in the end what's better for your feet. Blisters or comfort?

2004-11-28 [toycar]: haha... asking me that is bad...i always have bruises blisters burns gashes....etc... so.. id probably go for the cheaper ones hehe..silly me

2004-11-28 [Queen of Stars]: Oh, maybe you and I should start the clutz club. I'm one of the world's foremost clutz

2004-11-28 [Queen of Stars]: only kidding. But you really should think about the hikers, they would be much better on your feet hon.

2004-12-10 [i fall from the sky]: hey all g2g ^^

2004-12-12 [Queen of Stars]: hey there you were and there you went. Nice to know that you do occassionally drop in on us once in a while. he-he. How have you been darkness?

2004-12-17 [i fall from the sky]: I still care about u all i have been on at random times. im alright

2004-12-19 [Queen of Stars]: Nice to know that you still care. At least someone does. Yeah, we're finally settling into the new house. Didn't think it would happen before Christmas, but I made sure that it did. Now I just have to start my baking.

2004-12-23 [toycar]: im back...and very tired... night all..going to sleep >.<

2004-12-23 [i fall from the sky]: cool i hope all of u have a very marry christmas ^^

2004-12-24 [Queen of Stars]: Oh, it will be now. How's it going Cheese? Did you have fun on your little trip and did you take lots of pictures for me.

2005-01-28 [toycar]: hehe yeah it was good. my computer stuffed up though after it.. but now all is well. i have some pictures in my house...but they are a tad disturbing... but i asure you all that i practiced my bad sleeping going out at 3am and coming home at 9am or so...only to have to get dressed and leave for the next day >.<

2005-02-05 [Queen of Stars]: Well, well, what are you up to all night or shouldn't I even ask? Tee-hee. Have you found someone to spend your time with and no I'm not talking about just having sex. So how have you been lately? Been busy with the family and business and the baby. Can't win the war with a 14 month old and her calling me mommy though. She's determined and nothing I can say is stopping her from calling me momma. Oh well, again, things could be much worse.

2005-02-08 [toycar]: hehe momma is almost thats alright. o.o haha im a good little girl...spent time with people...but didnt do anythng extreme

2005-02-13 [Queen of Stars]: just teasing you a little bit there, don't worry about it

2005-02-14 [toycar]: hehe its alright. i need sleep. 2 days now without any.. >.<

2005-02-21 [Queen of Stars]: 2 days without sleep can make anyone silly and miserable at the same time. Hey cheese, have you put any of those pics up in your house? If you have, I'll go and check them out. So how are you all doing today?

2005-02-22 [toycar]: i only have a few up now.. i had to take some down... because silly people kept sending me stupid messages

2005-02-22 [Queen of Stars]: ok, i'll go and look at some, if you don't mind that is

2005-02-23 [toycar]: eheh course i dont... hope you like.

2005-02-25 [Queen of Stars]: I did enjoy them, got to see glimpses of places I'd never get to see. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. thanks for sharing.

2005-02-26 [toycar]: yeah... as soon as i get enough money im going somewhere else...who knows where though >.<

2005-03-02 [i fall from the sky]: hello every one

2005-03-02 [Queen of Stars]: Hey all, sorry that I'm not on as regularly. My god-daughter got really ill on us and I've been really worried about her and her well being. I'll try and get on soon though. By the way ToyCar, I received 4 awards in the mail for my poetry. I'm way past professional rank now though. I'm getting close to National Poet Laurette. Everyone cross your fingers and pray that others like my work and give me stars for it. So how's everyone doing lately. And I can't wait until you plan your next excursion. Knowing you, it will be just as fun.

2005-03-03 [toycar]: oh WOW! congrats :D.. sorry to hear about your god daughter though :(

2005-03-09 [Queen of Stars]: Thanks and at least her parents are doing their job finally. She was back at the doctors again yesterday and her viral infection had turned into a bacterial infection and she has a double ear infection that's so bad that she has dried blood behind her ear drums. She's on anti-biotics yet again. Lets see if this one clears up the problems at last. Cross your fingers everyone. She's suffered enough for her short life time

2005-03-10 [toycar]: *crosses fingers*

2005-03-23 [Queen of Stars]: thanks, now to just get them to give us guardianship and then I can start to make things better for her. So keep them crossed for now. So how is everyone doing lately? I'm doing better and have gotten a couple of nights of good sleep, that's a change for me now isn't it?

2005-03-24 [toycar]: hehe yeah... ive been sleeping WORSE.. i dont know...lots of things are just happening and such... ,...i have black hair...that's new o.o

2005-04-08 [Queen of Stars]: who hasn't been sleeping worse lately, I think it's either in the water or air. It's definitely in something and it's going around. So don't feel bad.

2005-04-10 [toycar]: hehe i wont, i think im just used to not sleeping well now... x.x

2005-05-27 [Queen of Stars]: How have you been in the month that I've been gone from here? You need to catch me up on what's going on with you. Missed our crazy conversatins and just plain fun with each other. Smiles and huggles and snuggles.

2005-05-28 [toycar]: been tired... ugh. ive become a concert junkie... mostly local bands... but soo awesome. went on a cruise concert last night.. heavy metal music floating in the middle of darling harbour was sooo much fun :D

2005-06-07 [Queen of Stars]: You've got to start taking pics for us to see. Would be great to see all of these bands you're talking about. And there's nothing wrong with being a music junkie. Nothing at all :)

2005-06-07 [toycar]: haha i should ey... usually it isnt safe to bring a camera in a mosh though... but im seeing killswitch engage..the used..funeral for a friend...and others..and..sadly..will be in seats.. so ill take photos :D

2005-06-13 [Queen of Stars]: Can't wait to see them. Enjoy yourself but stay safe. Always worry about all of my friends on here. Smile, everyone will wonder what you're up to.

2006-07-09 [Quineviere]: sry. did anyone respond to me? jj stole it from me

2006-07-09 [Quineviere]: so...whats going on?

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