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2004-06-26 07:45:52
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Welcome to our wiki page we hope you enjoy this special page for special people (I can't spell for shit). Ah fuck it. Oh well this is for people who have a problem sleeping and right now I don't care what you do to this page. If you wreck any thing I write though you will regret it. Ok now that that's out of the way let's get started shall we. We are having a logo contest send me a message showing me your logo or put it on the page. We will decide who will be the winner or winners. Ok to join just write your name next to the numbers we set out ok. Oh and if you have a complaint message me and I'll get it straightened out.... peace.

               - [i fall from the sky]
ok every one please write what u want
               -[i fall from the sky]


1. [i fall from the sky] owner
2. [V.V.] co owner...and crazy... *twiches* Very crazy!
3. [*Ice Angel*] ^_^ my first person
5. [black lilly] okie then i get # 5!
6. [toycar]my precious number 6 *steals it*
7. [eatable cookie] my lucky number! ^_^ *twitches* hmm yes, yes oh so lucky! *rocks back and forth* happy, happy, happy...
8. [Galadriel] I didn't delete any of your information, I just fixed your misspelled words and stuff like that, I hope you don't mind. Yeah and for the name *7/11*~instead of open all night, it's up all night...
9.[Queen of Stars] this is a very cool idea.
10.[Lothos] sleep is against my religion! lol

If u need to (which I doubt) add more lines and numbers.

go to INSOMINACS UNITE banners to post banners or choose one.

Username (or number or email):


2005-02-22 [toycar]: i only have a few up now.. i had to take some down... because silly people kept sending me stupid messages

2005-02-22 [Queen of Stars]: ok, i'll go and look at some, if you don't mind that is

2005-02-23 [toycar]: eheh course i dont... hope you like.

2005-02-25 [Queen of Stars]: I did enjoy them, got to see glimpses of places I'd never get to see. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. thanks for sharing.

2005-02-26 [toycar]: yeah... as soon as i get enough money im going somewhere else...who knows where though >.<

2005-03-02 [i fall from the sky]: hello every one

2005-03-02 [Queen of Stars]: Hey all, sorry that I'm not on as regularly. My god-daughter got really ill on us and I've been really worried about her and her well being. I'll try and get on soon though. By the way ToyCar, I received 4 awards in the mail for my poetry. I'm way past professional rank now though. I'm getting close to National Poet Laurette. Everyone cross your fingers and pray that others like my work and give me stars for it. So how's everyone doing lately. And I can't wait until you plan your next excursion. Knowing you, it will be just as fun.

2005-03-03 [toycar]: oh WOW! congrats :D.. sorry to hear about your god daughter though :(

2005-03-09 [Queen of Stars]: Thanks and at least her parents are doing their job finally. She was back at the doctors again yesterday and her viral infection had turned into a bacterial infection and she has a double ear infection that's so bad that she has dried blood behind her ear drums. She's on anti-biotics yet again. Lets see if this one clears up the problems at last. Cross your fingers everyone. She's suffered enough for her short life time

2005-03-10 [toycar]: *crosses fingers*

2005-03-23 [Queen of Stars]: thanks, now to just get them to give us guardianship and then I can start to make things better for her. So keep them crossed for now. So how is everyone doing lately? I'm doing better and have gotten a couple of nights of good sleep, that's a change for me now isn't it?

2005-03-24 [toycar]: hehe yeah... ive been sleeping WORSE.. i dont know...lots of things are just happening and such... ,...i have black hair...that's new o.o

2005-04-08 [Queen of Stars]: who hasn't been sleeping worse lately, I think it's either in the water or air. It's definitely in something and it's going around. So don't feel bad.

2005-04-10 [toycar]: hehe i wont, i think im just used to not sleeping well now... x.x

2005-05-27 [Queen of Stars]: How have you been in the month that I've been gone from here? You need to catch me up on what's going on with you. Missed our crazy conversatins and just plain fun with each other. Smiles and huggles and snuggles.

2005-05-28 [toycar]: been tired... ugh. ive become a concert junkie... mostly local bands... but soo awesome. went on a cruise concert last night.. heavy metal music floating in the middle of darling harbour was sooo much fun :D

2005-06-07 [Queen of Stars]: You've got to start taking pics for us to see. Would be great to see all of these bands you're talking about. And there's nothing wrong with being a music junkie. Nothing at all :)

2005-06-07 [toycar]: haha i should ey... usually it isnt safe to bring a camera in a mosh though... but im seeing killswitch engage..the used..funeral for a friend...and others..and..sadly..will be in seats.. so ill take photos :D

2005-06-13 [Queen of Stars]: Can't wait to see them. Enjoy yourself but stay safe. Always worry about all of my friends on here. Smile, everyone will wonder what you're up to.

2006-07-09 [Quineviere]: sry. did anyone respond to me? jj stole it from me

2006-07-09 [Quineviere]: so...whats going on?

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