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International Byhålenytt Wednesday 2009-07-22

[sequeena_rae], victim

Swine flu hits Elftown

[sequeena_rae] got it! If you have visited her house, you're encouraged to wash your hands, just in case. Earlier reports about cases on Elftown have turned out to be negative, so we'll not report about them. But now you can panic. There are no free hospital beds, spare doctors or vaccine anywhere in Elftown, so you're all gonna die unless you survive on your own.

IB seriously hopes that she'll recover fast and well, especially since she might actually become a reader and therefore a big part of our readers...

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2009-07-22 [sequeena_rae]: Thanks [Hedda] and to anyone who visits my house I have lots of antibacterial gel and masks!

2009-07-22 [Teufelsweib]: wh00t you go squee!

2009-07-22 [Triola]: :O *washes hands*

2009-07-22 [Zab]: :O I've talked to yoy! Godess nooo!

:P *will get a vaccine through work when it gets out* x)

2009-07-22 [sequeena_rae]: I will infect you all x)

2009-07-22 [Zab]: :O

2009-07-23 [The Blood Angel]: *coughs* Bloody over exagerating. It's just the flu! *coughs*

2009-07-23 [sequeena_rae]: Okay, I'll remember to tell you that when you get it :P

2009-07-23 [The Blood Angel]: Damn straight, and when I get it I won't over-exagerate like the rest of the stupid world. It just irks me because it's just flu, but everyone is freaking about it cos the news got into their brains. Anyway I hope you get better hun.

2009-07-23 [Hedda]: Eh... Tens of millions died the when the first version of current flu came. It's a damn deadly thing if you don't have resistance to it.

And compared to the the normal flu that you have resistance to, the swine flu will spread way faster and basically hit everyone. If almost everyone gets hit at the same time, society will break down, at least if it isn't prepared.

Then no one knows if other diseases will follow in its tracks. That has happened before.

But it's bad enough if most people will get sick. That's quite a blow to the economy.

2009-07-23 [sequeena_rae]: The whole reason people are 'freaking out' is because no-one has immunity to it. It's a new strain, I think they have every right to be worried about it. There are no flu jabs for this yet.

Normal influenza kills thousands every year too but we're not too worried about that because we have the flu jab.

People just need to be informed.

2009-07-23 [Calico Tiger]: Most people don't get the flu jab and get over it just fine :) It's only if you're sickly in the first place, are a fat bastard and have fat bastard disease (yes, I'm politically incorrect), are very young, or very old is there any real danger.

2009-07-23 [sequeena_rae]: The flu jab is for the high risk groups where I am - should have mentioned that :P I have it because I'm asthmatic and Sean has a heart murmur.

2009-07-23 [Teufelsweib]: hmm... people indeed have no resistance to the swine flu, but neither to the 'normal' flu, since it evolves so quickly.

the problem with this flu also is that there isn't a vaccine for. the one they're currently making and which every country is ordering isn't done yet. in fact, they won't tell everyone but right now, if you'd take that vaccine it'll kill you x)

2009-07-23 [The Blood Angel]: Oh! Well Squee I really hope you get better soon. *feels like a dick now*

2009-07-23 [Teufelsweib]: that is the most important thing, indeed :)

2009-07-23 [Jitter]: Feeling like a dick is the most important thing? o_O xD

Get well soon hun <3

2009-07-24 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: Oh I can feel the love in this thread...and also the sickness! 0.o

2009-07-24 [Teufelsweib]: I was rather pointing out to squee and getting better, but feeling like a dick can be important at times as well x) xD

2009-07-25 [Mortified Penguin]: Not H1-N1! ...FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU! *scrubs meticulously*

2009-07-25 [sequeena_rae]: *infects*

2009-11-26 [Dreathnor]: I had it earlier this year... survived... perhaps only by my own tenacity.

2009-11-26 [Zab]: Has been offered the vaccine thrice but refused..>_> I don't trust it.

2009-11-26 [Dreathnor]: I'm not a fan of unneeded vaccines. A yearly flu one, etc. etc.

2009-11-26 [sequeena_rae]: I don't think there's much point in me having it now. Not this year at least.

2009-11-26 [Zab]: No, since you got through it already you're more protected than from the vaccine. You probably won't need it for a few years.

2009-11-26 [Dreathnor]: Which then you'll probably get it again, vicious cycle really, lol.

2009-11-26 [sequeena_rae]: I still need to get the flu jab done though. Which I need to get done within the next week actually.

2009-11-26 [Teufelsweib]: but you already got the flu, no? because in that case you most likely won't get it again :) unless it has evolved really quick... the flu is a fast-evolving virus, so that's why you need a jab each year (if you want to get a vaccine. I never take flu-vaccines) but I can't imagine it being neccesary twice in a year :S

2009-11-26 [sequeena_rae]: Swine flu isn't the normal flu :P so I still need to get the flu jab because I'm in a high risk group. My mum had both jabs done a few weeks back.

2009-11-26 [Teufelsweib]: you're in a high risk group for the regular flu? why that?

2009-11-26 [Sunrose]: Wasn't it the asthma thing?

2009-11-26 [sequeena_rae]: Yeah :p

2009-11-26 [Lothuriel]: The problem I am having is that my kids' dr only has the nasal spray for the youngest two, for now. They are out of injections. My kids' can't have the nasal spray because it contains live virus. My husband has a supressed immune system and couldn't get within like the same area code (ok exagerration but, still) as the kids for soemthing like 3 weeks. :(

2009-11-26 [sequeena_rae]: Crap :(

2009-11-26 [Lothuriel]: Crap indeed ....

2009-11-26 [sequeena_rae]: Do you know if they'll get anymore vaccinations in?

2009-11-26 [Lothuriel]: Yes, they said they will have the injections within just a few days. There is no more shortage, they just ran out and shipments were delayed due to the holiday.

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