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Hypnotising Eyes


Choose the image you will be using. The larger the image, the better the result. If you're using a whole face instead of just one eye (like I will) make sure the eyes are clear, focused and not hidden behind hair etc.

Select the Brush tool and set it to 100% hardness, mode Overlay and 30-35% Opacity. Adjust the size to the size of the iris.

Make a new Layer and brush over the Iris until you're happy with the result. If there's any colour going on the eyelids, remove it with a soft eraser (I prefer 0% hardness)


To turn my eyes purple I used an average purple colour because they were already dark.

Reduce the size of the brush, the brush opacity to 20-25% and the hardness to 0%. Pick a lighter colour than before and brush over the pupil and a bit on the edge of the iris to give the colour body. Set the layer mode to Hard Light (if the eye you're using is dark. Use Soft Light if it's light.)


You might also need to darken the pupil. To do so, select the Burn tool set it to Midtones, 50% exposure and select a soft brush a bit bigger than your pupil. Burn until you're happy.


Make a new layer.
Reduce the brush size according to your image size ( I used 24px brush 0% hard and 60% opacity) and add some lights to the iris. Set the Layer mode to Soft light.


Make a new layer and with the same brush as before (adjust size accordingly) stroke the Iris and lashes with black to give the eye an intense look.

Your eye is ready! Well done!



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