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~❇~ Hybrid ~❇~

Glamour, that's what we as humans see when it comes to the real world. We can't see the truth, what's really out there, and what really goes on. Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, everything that we call "fantasy" or "supernatural", the veil of Glamour covers our sight from it all.

Atrineas, he's one of those that normal humans can't see with their bare eyes. A Hybrid, part Archangel part Archdemon, one of the most powerful entities known in the universe, rumored to be ranked higher than a god or goddess. His duty: balance out the world of Dark and Light through the means of chaos by becoming chaos. His age? Depends on whether or not you go by his spiritual age or his physical age.

It's been this way ever since he was created, to live inside a human's body and die as one, only to be reborn in another once that life was over. Instead of living with a Hybrid's body, he's given the chance to enjoy the life of a human over and over again. A plus, but also a curse as well. But it's what he had to agree to, it's what he was created for. Most couldn't understand that, probably never will.

Forever under the command of the Creators, those who created the existence of the universe itself, he serves with dedication under their jurisdiction and the Laws of the Hybrid. Laws that were set in place to keep a Hybrid safe from distraction, to keep them steadfast on their duties, and to keep them loyal to the Hybrid Creator.

But not always is a Hybrid, so full of agency, so willing to follow these Laws. Atrineas is one of those few that rebelled, and not just once. His biggest issue lie with the first Law: A Hybrid must never couple with another being. Basically, a Hybrid must never fall in love or pursue it...

Table of Contents

Hybrid - Prologue

Hybrid - Chapter 1

Hybrid - Chapter 2


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