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2004-09-01 04:56:25
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This is the page of HUMPPA!!!!

This is the fan page of the greatest band of the world: Eläkeläiset!!!!

banner made by [Nyaah*] thank you! may HUMPPA be with you!!!!!


1. [Yiwerra] & [~Lady Morgana~] founders!
2. [Nyaah*] ich bin dummkopf !?
3. [Nata]
4. [bootboy]
5. [Retired Pirate Captain] HUMPPAA TAI KUOLE!!Fave song: Kahvipakettihumppa.
6. [Monk of Boom] Humppakonehumppa
7. [smakeupfx] I joined because of the name, Humppa!
8. [blahxblah]Der eintönige Gesang des Schattens HUMPAA und ich kommt
9. [Batgirl1261] I also joined cuz of the name...its sounds funny

HUMPPA IST KRIEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by [Yiwerra]

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2005-01-19 [Nyaah*]: ja??? @_@

2005-01-19 [Yiwerra]: JA OH GOTT JAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-01-23 [~Lady Morgana~]: du hast es mir in berlin vorgesungen XD

2005-01-23 [Nyaah*]: berlin.... o_O

2005-01-24 [~Lady Morgana~]: ha

2005-01-26 [Nyaah*]: in der hoffnung wir sind hier unter gibt hier jemanden der heißt [Anime Addiction] :S :S :S :S :S

2005-01-26 [~Lady Morgana~]: völlig bekloppt!

2005-01-27 [Yiwerra]:


2005-01-27 [Yiwerra]: hier, vor längerem: fndsiofnadofidsanifoanfaiofnaiofadnfio

2005-03-30 [~Lady Morgana~]: alter, diese wiki is völlich tot O.o

2005-09-06 [Sahraminkukka]: This just can't be true... A whole page for HUMPPA? Siis voi että... I would never ever have guessed that this kind of page exist here. SUOMI RULEZ!!!


2005-09-09 [Yiwerra]: humppa forever!!! <3    welcome suomenska fellow :D    (i just mixed swedish, finnish and english O_o dont kill me)

2005-09-18 [Sahraminkukka]: How comes that people in Greece have heard about humppa? I thought that only old people listened to it... Well almost, Some people in my school listens to Eläkeläiset, but that's because we are weird. SUOMI!!!! Ou jee...

2005-09-18 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hehehe we are german :P

2005-09-18 [Sahraminkukka]: Ok, but still, how come you have heard about it?!? It's not even that famous in Finland that everyone knows about it... It's just... Weird. And do you even speak/uderstand Finnish?

2005-09-22 [Yiwerra]: hahahhahaha, well you should know that Eläkeläiset is actually more famous in Germany than in Finland, for some weird reason. It's not like everyone knows it... but I heard about it, and of course I introduced anyone I know in it. I think people like it so much because it sounds just funny, especially the finnish language itself. And no, noone I know speaks finnish :P it's too hard, I mean, 16 cases - WTF!!!!  But you must understand that it sounds really hilarious and scary at the same time O.o     hmm and about humppa - well and my experience so far - greeks and canadians love it too!

2005-10-26 [Sahraminkukka]: Hehe... scary? I've heard that some English professor chose that the most beautiful language in the world is Finnish. The sentence "aja hiljaa sillalla" was chosen to the most beautiful sentence in the world... At least Finnish beats the crap out of swedish, ant that's prooved: saari saari heinäsaari (doesn't that sound beautiful?) is in swedish ö ö hö ö. You know, I have friends that study german and they think german is really hard and they would want to drop it but they can't! I decided not to even try...

2005-10-26 [Yiwerra]: hahahaha xD  well sure as hell, german isn't as hard as finnish. Although, just because one language is easier, doesn't make it easy. And WHAT?!?!?!??! Finnish was chosen to be the most beautiful language? (not to speak of the sentence 'aja hilkaa sillalla" O_o which sounds rather weird).  That's amazing! I mean, I like it a lot, but O_o my experience is that I'm kind of alone with that.  And it's really cute and amusing to see, how swedes and finns still fight with each other and try to be better :P  *teases*

2006-04-20 [~Lady Morgana~]: O__O

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