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2011-09-10 23:36:36
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Huggers Unanimous, Inc.

This page owes a great deal of gratitude to huggers united, as well as newer ideas generated by [Nioniel]. Please realize that although this is meant to be a drama-free alternative to one of the previous "hug" wikis, it does not in any way intend to be a malicious ripoff. This page frankly is what is. Despite the tongue-in-cheek title it is intended for only those who want to relax, have fun and hug. Of course it's asking to be parodied, so go ahead and have fun doing that while you're at it. If you don't like the theme of this wiki, then don't come here.

This page will only be as big as people want. If someone else with more free time on their hands wants to improve this wiki and "spruce up the joint", I will happily relinquish ownership. Just make sure I'm credited as the originator, and huggers united and [Nioniel] are also given permanent credit for the original concept.

And that's it! Start hugging like crazy, keep it reasonably clean, and if there is sufficient interest for "second base" and beyond, we can always link a forum-protected offshoot to Blue Banana Central ;-)

---[Paul Doyle]

Let the hugging begin!!!! It can be serious or silly.

(EXAMPLE #1: [Paul Doyle] gives [Hedda] a kind of man-hug because he created this website, has stuck with it through thick and thin, has given lots of people a fun creative outlet and the chance to meet like-minded people from around the world while at the same time enduring some mind boggling crap. I realize I've been at times a huge pain in the ass though I nearly always had a logical basis for past skepticism and criticism, even if that stuff got blown out of proportion. I've often said this website's best days are well in the past, but I hereby recant and look forward to the future ET, which hopefully will be more awesome than it's ever been while remaining reasonably compact and manageable.)

(EXAMPLE #2: [Paul Doyle]'s character Pauly the Anthro-Dragon gives [Calico Tiger]'s character Calico Tiger a big, hearty five-limbed hug (those limbs being his two arms, his two wing-arms and the tip of his semi-prehensile tail!), wistfully imagining what might happen if this intensifies and goes beyond the standards of this wiki. That being said, he wills himself to keep his big strong and gentle clawed hands from exploring anywhere south of the middle of her back!)

Don't be shy to add your own stuff, folks . . . ultimately the success (or failure) of this wiki is heavily reliant on your input, and I really don't have much more to add to this page!

(1.) [Stephen] hugs [Paul Doyle] for creating this page. =)

(2.) [Mortified Penguin] hugs [Stephen]'s throat with his bare hands for supporting this wiki.

(3.) [Paul Doyle] steps out and tells [Stephen] and [Mortified Penguin]: "Hey, you two. Either quit getting carried away with each other, or get a room!" *hugs his wife*

(4.) [Stephen] responds by, of course, giving [Mortified Penguin] an enormous hug.


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2011-09-08 [Paul Doyle]: Welcome to the wiki! hugs all around :3

2011-09-08 [Nioniel]: Nice. :)

2011-09-08 [Mortified Penguin]: <img:44166_1164145262.gif>

2011-09-09 [Stephen]: Yay! Hugs :D

2011-09-09 [Paul Doyle]: And so now it is up to you guys to determine whether this wikipage keeps going or not. Hugs and hugs . . .

2011-09-09 [Lothuriel]: Yay!

2011-09-10 [Paul Doyle]: Mort, why do you hate the hugging wikis so much? Just curious . . . did something happen way back in a primordial ET era when the dinosaurs were hugging? (pre-2007)

2011-10-09 [Stephen]: *pokes wiki page with a stick*

You can't die!

2011-10-11 [Paul Doyle]: I think every aspect of this whole website is now either dead, or getting there. Of course, if anyone else with a more active (positive) interest in this page wants to run it, I will happily relinquish wiki-ownership.

2011-10-11 [Mortified Penguin]: You seem to imply Bob's Diner is dying, but the graphs and data suggest otherwise.

2011-10-11 [Paul Doyle]: Then may we forever follow the lead of ol' Bobbarino's . . . and I really ought to answer your question on Ask Pauly the Anthro-Dragon! xD

2011-10-13 [Stephen]: Isn't Bob's Diner at an unusually low comment count for this period, Mort? :3

I don't think Elftown is dying as much as it's just not a bustling community anymore. Most of the core-members are artistically inclined, and such artistic things get interest, at the least. Just the more "hang around" aspect of the community has been replaced by evil things, like Facebook.

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