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2008-08-11 04:07:47
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Howl's Moving Castle Contest(Closed)



1. The all time favorite in art compotitions...NO STEALING ART! I know that you love that picture up on that page, but it is not yours, don't use it. If I even think you are stealing, and I have my ways, you are so gone, and reported to the Guards.

2. This is about Howl's Moving Castle with Howl's moving Castle characters. Not a made up castle with made up characters.

3. Mediums...I like them all. Photo, crayon, pencil, pen, colored pencil...the list goes on and on. Photos obviously are of you dressed up as a character.

4.Please limit the size of your image to 500. Example 'img500:img/', see how the 500 is before the colon? Try it, you might like it, and I don't want huge pictures on the page, takes up too much room. Plus, if you can upload you image straight to Elftown, that would be awesome. If you don't have that privilage yet, talk to a guard, and if you don't have any UAR violations, there is a good chance you can get it.

5. Deadline will be August 1st. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. If you want a crowd favorite then after the deadline, message me with who you want to win it. Do Not post it in the comments, send it to me. [dew_farie]

[Triola] Turnip-head

[Zardra] Howl.

[IonicRose] Howl By Miranda






1. [Zardra] Howl.

2. [Triola] Turnip-head

3. [IonicRose] Howl By Miranda

4. [noskari] Sophie and Calcifur

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2008-05-08 [Estantia]: Yes, they do seemed to have moved the movie forward into the time between the book and its sequel don't they?

2008-05-08 [dew_farie]: Now I guess I am going to have to go find the book, lol.

2008-05-27 [dew_farie]: You know, These two pictures are going to make it reeeaaalll easy to judge the contest...GET SOME PICTURES PEOPLE!! And have fun doing it. :)

2008-06-11 [lioneye]: i wonder if there's a poem contest with a"howl's moving castle" theem

2008-06-11 [dew_farie]: do you want there to be? I might extend the deadline if people want to do more then art. I will even make more badges for poetry and such.

2008-06-11 [IonicRose]: well for the sake of having more artwork I'll post the old picture of Howl I drew a year ago. Good Luck with the contest. I love it,that someone made a contest dedicated to just this movie!

2008-06-12 [dew_farie]: 7 days, do you want more then art?

2008-06-12 [Perplexity]: More!

2008-06-12 [dew_farie]: Ok, more it is. Post away...

2008-07-12 [noskari]: yay!!! mines up!!

2008-07-12 [Calico Tiger]: psd files don't display on Elftown. You'll need to convert it to jpg, png, bmp or gif :)

2008-07-14 [noskari]: thanks haha

2008-07-15 [IonicRose]: Did you mean July 18th? The deadline says June.

2008-07-15 [dew_farie]: Opps, ment to fix that, thakns. The deadline was pushed back to Aug 1st.

2008-07-15 [IonicRose]: oh alright ^_^ thanks.

2008-07-15 [dew_farie]: no problem!

2008-07-21 [noskari]: wen does this contest end then??

2008-07-22 [IonicRose]: Aug 1st

2008-07-22 [noskari]: oh *feels stupid* i did know that haha

2008-07-22 [dew_farie]: It's ok, I felt stupid because I forgot to change the date in the rules. I just hope that in doing that I allowed more people to join in.

2008-07-23 [IonicRose]: ^_^ Don't worry about it [noskari]. Everyone is entitled to having a blond moment every now and then. lol. I seem to have one blond moment every week. XD

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