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   Hello, I am [rachelah], and I have been writing for a few years now. I have either written down, typed up, or are still brewing about two dozen novels. Granted that the first couple are pretty cheesy, and some are only a few pages long, the idea is there.
   In this class, I will outline how to write a novel. You cannot come here knowing nothing save for the fact that you want to write or are bored. You MUST have an non-stolen idea. If you do not have an idea that is yours and not a knockoff or stolen property, then you can still take this course, but do not expect to come out of this with a publishable novel. It probably will not happen. Even for those of you who have an idea or many, you may not come out of this with a book, but you will leave with the knowledge of what makes a good book, and how to get there.
   Any questions you may have can either be placed in the 'Comments' section below, or sent to me at my elftown address.


Until such a time when someone has the time to actually write lessons, I leave you with two things;

1) Should you need me for anything specific, I am always available, though it may take me a little while to reply. My home email is
Feel free to use it.

2) Writing is about creating life. Essentially, no one can tell you how to write what is inside of you already, we can simply help to bring it out a little. This is what I, or indeed anyone more qualified than I, am here for.
You don't need anyone to tell you how to write the words you already have, you just might need someone to help you polish your words so someone else(I.e. a publisher) likes them.

However, I write because I love to create life.
I love the escape I feel when I can say what happens, when circumstances are in my control.
This, and so much more, is writing.

I remain, ever yours,

I've left a pointer or two.
Sorry there are no solid lessons, life has changed drastically since I planned this initially.

For the time being, I think my lessons shall consist of anyone with a specific question emailing me said question, and I shall reply in a lesson format when I can. I promise I will try to guide you better.
Thank you for your patience.



[Company Awesome]

If you wish to become a student, you may either say so in the comment section, and will then have to respond to a message I send you before becoming a student, or just send me a message saying you wish to be a student.


Below is a link to my classroom syllabus. This page holds an outline to my class expectations, and subjects to be covered.

How to Write a Novel Syllabus


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2005-08-30 [Jeed]: do you like it?

2005-08-31 [rachelah]: *whistles* Goodness, this must have taken you a while. Except for the fact that I have to correct some grammar, it is fantastic. Thanks. And should you be watching this, as you are the prospective professor of this, or something like that?

2005-09-01 [Jeed]: it only took about 5 minutes, nothin too serious, mostly just copy code and paste. and i hate to break ti to you, but this is all your writing :) i just rearranged it. and yes, i am watching it, as i am the professor of literature. if you think i did a good job on it, become one of my supporters, i'm running for hte crew

2005-09-01 [Jeed]: when you are saticfied it is finished, tell me so i can mail it to my superior for further review.

2005-09-01 [rachelah]: Hey, I had to fix the two lines you added, right above the How to Write a Novel Syllabus. I pride myself on good grammar, I think. Yes, I believe that is fine. Thank you.

2005-10-26 [rachelah]: So sorry nothing has been written, it has been hellish with me. I am trying, I promise. Sorry again. After November 6 I should have substantially more time. Sorry.

2007-04-12 [Company Awesome]: Several months shy of two years... Still, I bother and request admittance.

2007-04-12 [Jeed]: feel free to add yourself

2007-04-25 [rachelah]: I'm sorry? I am afraid I do not quite understand. I'm terribly sorry if I've missed something. However, I've now posted a bit, sorry it's taken so long.

2007-04-26 [Jeed]: its ok, he was talkingabout you extended absence

2007-04-27 [rachelah]: It's gotten to the point where I've realized, the only way I'll have as much time on here as I'd like is if I stopped doing something in my life. However, since they're things like school and my job, I'm afraid that cannot really happen. Bearing this in mind I am now trying to do as much as I can when I can. I hope I can put in more of what this classroom needs.

2009-05-21 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: I hope you take some time over the summer and get someone to help you. It's a good idea for a class in general and you'd probably have a LOT of students if you started it up again.

2010-12-25 [River Fox]: Is there even a teacher in here?

2010-12-25 [Jeed]: at the minute, no. rachel is MIA.

2010-12-28 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: Can't anyone else fill in? Or have a TA coordinate a student run project until a permanent teacher can be found?

2010-12-28 [Jeed]: yes, if you are interested, fill in an application on the staff page

2011-01-06 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: Okay, thanks.

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