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2006-06-30 01:58:21
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Scroll down.. lol hehe.. Hi guys! :D

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2006-06-30 [LadyMoon]: Finally! :O

2006-06-30 [Asrun]: Hush you! lol

2006-06-30 [LadyMoon]: I've waited long enough :P

2006-06-30 [Asrun]: lol.. It's nothing special. :p

2006-06-30 [LadyMoon]: It's made by you.'s special :P

2006-06-30 [Asrun]: Special in that.. "duh" way. :D

2006-07-01 [Calico Tiger]: *watches and bookmarks* Yay!

2006-07-01 [Asrun]: lol

2006-07-05 [eyes of frost]: FINALLYY!!!!!! *mutters* took long enough Ash....ANYWAYSS!!! *goes to try it out*

2006-07-05 [Asrun]: ;______;

2006-07-05 [eyes of frost]: Lol. I am just busting your chops!!

2006-07-14 [To Dream of Faerie]: What's DA? And thankyou very much!! >-<

2006-07-14 [Asrun]: DA= Deviant Art

2006-07-16 [To Dream of Faerie]: okies

2006-09-25 [Ocean Soul]: <img50*0:>
I didn't use all of this tutorial, just some important bits, but they really helped. Before I had never ever used (or even discovered) that you can change a lot of settings for the brush :P But now.. whoa! It really does make a great difference :D

2006-09-25 [Asrun]: Looks great hun! :D

2007-01-09 [shadow_of_life]: whee, my first try and all thanks to you: <img0*50:img/drawing/67844_1168350276.jpg> Image's not mine, but Lord Inkthinker allowed me to exercise on his old work.

2007-01-09 [Asrun]: Looks pretty good. The only thing I would suggest is to use more contrasting colours, not just colours all in the same tonal range. IF you werer to put that into grayscale, it would basically be all the same tone. Some dark darks, and light lights would really make it pop out. Looks great though!

2007-01-10 [To Dream of Faerie]: I've used paint shop pro for awhile, but i really want to get photoshop. Which one is best to get for digital art?

2007-01-10 [Asrun]: Photoshop is. PSP is the lower-end imaging program. But you get what you can afford.. *cough*findeasilyonline*cough* I used to use a real stone-age PSP.. I don't even remember what version it was.

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