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First of all I have to say thanks to [Shreya] for helping me out on this one :P So thank you :)


Uploading Images (For private use)

Ok first of all you will want to know how to upload a mood image.

- To do this click on the 'mood' text link located in the right hand navigation bar.

- This will bring you to the mood image screen. To upload one of your own images click on the browse button and search for the image you wish to use as a mood.
(remember the image has a 40x25 px limit)

-Type in a description for your mood (if you wish, this text will be displayed with the image)

- Finally click on upload Image.

Uploading Images (For public use)

When you are uploading your mood images, you will see a check box beside " Let other members use this mood image too?" Selecting this box will add your mood image to the review list.

Once there the guards will be able to approve (or not if it be the case) your mood image. You may have to wait a while before you see your mood image in the public listing as the guards are very busy people.


1. Select the upload destination of your mood image
2. Select the check box to share your mood image
3. Name your mood
4. You may add a description if you like
5. Submit
6. Wait patiently

There are public mood images on Elftown Graphics too. You can use those in your mood: EG Mood Icons


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2004-11-14 [Sunrose]: Some people also ask how the mood works in general, maybe that explenation could be added to make it complete.. ;)

2004-11-18 [Charybdis]: Also, the ET Mood Icons page could be mentioned :)

2004-11-18 [Sunrose]: That link doesn't work :/

2004-11-20 [Ocean Dreaming]: Because it's supposed to read EG Mood Icons, I think. ;) A typo.

2004-11-20 [Sunrose]: Thanks!

2005-10-21 [Janouk]: This wiki is no longer up to date by the way ;-) It is no longer only [Hedda] who can upload moods :)

2005-10-25 [font]: Thanks ;) Fixed!

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