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OK hello, so you want to know why you can't seem to manage to get your photo/banners/pictures on your wiki page or in your house description? This page will tell you how to do it, just follow the steps below!

How to Upload an Image

You can either upload it to an image hosting website, or to Elftown.
To upload a new image, it has to be on your computer.

To Upload your image to your Elftown house

A. Go to <img:t/house.gif> and click on 'Upload a new (or delete current) photo' or 'Upload a new (or delete current) drawing'.

B. Click 'Browse' to find the image on your computer, select the image and click OK.

C. You can now add a description underneath, that will be displayed underneath the image on your house.

D. Click <img:knapp/upload_new_image.gif>

Note: If you want to stop displaying an image in your photo- or drawingslot, go back to the upload screen and click <img:knapp/upload_new_image.gif> without having selected an image. This will make that image slot on your house blank again.
If you want to display an image that you already uploaded before, click on <img:knapp/use_old_image.gif> below that image.

How to put the image in my description/wiki/etc

A. Right click on the uploaded image.
B. Go to properties (Or "View Image Info")- this will display the URL <IMG:(URL to the image)>
C. Copy it.
D. Paste it where you want it to appear.


Uploading to a Wiki-Page

It is also possible to upload images directly to a wiki page, but to be able to do this you need to get priv 99. Members can get this new Priv setting by requesting them in the comments on Guards. They will evaluate you based on your past account history, those who have broken the UAR several times may be refused.

Once you get Priv 99 on each wiki page you will see a new 'upload feature' at the bottom of each page. Here you can browse your computer for an image, select it, then upload it.
See wikiprivs for instructions.

You must remember to name the file and add its extension, so if you are uploading a .gif file and want to call it 'friendly cat', name it friendlycat.gif then click upload.

Always make sure you follow the Uploading Art Rules.


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help Index
-The How do I? Index

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2005-07-14 [Pretty_blue_eyes]: what if the picture is really yours

2005-07-14 [mixed_feelings]: huh? wat do you mean?

2005-07-15 [Genevieve Peter]: i still dont see my pictures there and i did the steps now what??

2005-07-25 [rockntori]: who can i ask to get a priv 99? who do i ask? please write back

2005-08-14 [special kate]: if i dont understand how to do step one... webspace. huh. can some one tell me how to do that...

2005-08-23 [arafel]: oh man! [Charybdis], you're getting a whole batch of cookies! I figured it out! *dances with glee*

2005-08-25 [People are surprisingly Unpredictable]: it wont work all that keeps poping up is save pic, copy and bookmarks

2005-08-25 [ally]: What's the url of the picture you want to upload?

2005-09-18 [Leah..Is Bringing Sexy Back..]: This is so ANNOYING! I have no idea what I'm doing! It doesn't work!! *Throws fit*

2005-09-18 [font]: ask for help then...

2005-09-18 [Leah..Is Bringing Sexy Back..]: Okay. How do I upload a picture, since the other thing seems to be making Noooo sence.

2005-09-18 [ally]: Maybe this helps: img

2005-09-24 [öobhgöj]: I draw my pictures in corel painter IX, but I can´t uppload the drawed pictures!

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