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So you have joined the great community of Elftown, you have read some of the help pages, edited your house and now you want to start talking to people; the thing is how?

How to start talking to other Elftowners

There are a few methods to talk to the other members of the community, either the forums , private messaging a particular member, or joining #elftown through IRC.


The Forums

You can find a list of forums by clicking on the 'Forum' button in the top navigation bar. A page will load with a list of all the public forums. When you find one you are interested in, click 'Join forum' .

You will now be a member of this forum, you can read past posts, and then reply.

Visit CNETG8 for a full guide on how to use forums.


Private Messaging

First of all you will need to visit a member's house. To do this you can either type in their name if you know it, in the 'Seek Username' box (located at the top right) or you can do an ET member search by clicking on the search button on the top navigational bar.

Once you have found a member, scroll to the bottom of their house, where you will see a box to type a message. When this member is online they will see an indicator that they have a new message. It is then their choice whether or not to reply to you.



Elfchat is the only true real time method of talking for ET. Find out more at Elfchat


Try not to spam members with irrelevant messages, chain mail is not allowed and you can be reported for this.

The Wiki Pages

The Wiki pages are great places to find people with similar interests. They are also another place to start talking with other people.
A lot of wiki pages use their comment section as a means of communication with its members. Typically a lot of the clubs.

You can talk in wiki pages by scrolling to the bottom of the wiki page to the comment section. 

Type in your message in the comment box and click on the arrow. Your message will now be displayed and anyone watching that wiki page will be notified that someone has made a comment.

See How do I join a wiki


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