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OK hello, so you want to know how you can make a wiki page of your own?

Well this page will tell you how to do it with no fuss whatsoever. Just follow the steps below.

Step One

On the right hand side of the screen scroll down until you see the 'Go to wiki-page' search box. Type in the name of a desired Wiki page.

Step Two

If you go to that wiki page and it says: 'This is an empty page.' You can edit that page and make it your own. If the page isn't empty, you must select another name and try again.

Step Three

Now that you have found an empty wiki page - click on the button that says "edit" (located in two places: the right-hand side column, and above the comments section, above a thick black line). You'll be taken to an edit screen where you can start making your own wiki page!

Step Four

On the edit screen you'll find a number of fields which you can edit. The most important one is the big field called "Page-text". This is where you put the contents of the wiki page.

You can use pseudo HTML to put images, headers, bold text, links and similar on your wiki page.

Step Five

When you are happy with what you have done click on the button that says "submit changes to this page" (located right below the page-text box) and review your wiki page. You can always edit it again.

Need more help?

Head over to the:

Wiki help


If you have followed those steps you should now have your very own wiki page! Good work.

Always make sure you follow the Uploading Art Rules when uploading images to your wiki page!


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help Index
-The How do I? Index

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2007-10-07 [Lin-tastic]: How to Make a Wiki Tutorial is a page I made which explains a few things a bit clearer for those who prefer using images to help explain how to make a wiki.

2007-10-09 [Imperator]: Is it just my computer or are the little pictures that represent buttons messed up?

2008-08-02 [Maeve104]: Erm, I do what it says, and I've made wiki's before so I know how it works...but now when I type in a wiki name in the search bar it says that the page doesn't exist and doesn't give me an option to edit that page. What is wrong? :(

2011-01-18 [Mortified Penguin]: This page is outdated. Might I suggest replacing its contents with this better version? How does make weekees?

2011-01-19 [ally]: "I'll kill your face with a hatchet"? :P

2011-01-19 [Mortified Penguin]: It's a common sounding wiki name!

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