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Forums are one of the best ways to communicate on Elftown. Once you get a hang of them they can be great places to get involved and meet new friends.

Elftown not only offers a variety of forums for you to join, but also offers the option for you to create your own forum.

Here is how to do so:

Step One

Click on the 'Forums' button in the top navigational bar.

Step Two

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see a data entry box. The next step is to fill in these details to create your forum.

Step Three

What you will have to fill in:

Forum Name: This will be the name of the forum.

Forum Description: This will be the small description that will be displayed on the forum page for the members.

Password: Only add a password if you don't want members to have the ability to join themselves.

Type: Here you can select either;
1. Dictatorship, in which you have the power to remove people from the forum or
2. Anarchy, where you don't have that power.

Step Four

Once you have filled in these details, check them over (although you can edit them later) then click on 'Create private forum'.

It is important to remember that this forum will not be listed in the forum page until someone has joined it.

Getting people to join your forum

If you have used a password you can use the join forum link, such as <joinforum:938:join> (ETCA Forum)

So just type <joinforum:the forum number:the forum password>

If you did not use a password you can invite members to the forum by going to the forum page: find the forum, and you will see a box with a button 'Add Member'. Type in the members user name and click the button. They will receive a system message informing them that they have been invited to your forum.

Want to know more about forums?

Visit CNETG8 - for a basic guide.


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