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2008-10-18 21:36:25
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OK hello, so you want to know How you can advertise your wiki page here in Elftown?

Well this page will tell you how to do it with no fuss whatsoever. Just follow the Methods below.

Method One

The simplest way is to describe, list and advertise your wiki in your own house. It is an effective way to advertise especially if you have other members in your wiki who can help you out - by displaying banners. You can also put a link in your mood, or your diary.

Method Two

Become a Featured wiki page owner - if your page is nominated and it wins your wiki page will be listed as a featured wiki for a week, and be shown on Main Street for that week.

Method Three

Head over to the Wiki Forum and tell the members about your wiki page : <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=22>

Method Four

Get your wiki page added to The Wiki's Wiki Page index of wikis.

Method Five

Use the 'Invite button' that can be found in the part of the right hand menu that gives you the wiki-page data. It's next to the 'edit' button. Using this you can invite all members of a forum you are part of, your friends, or individual elftowners who you think might be interested in your wiki. 


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2005-04-01 [Black Adder]: This is very useful, thank you.

2005-05-22 [Lillith Levana]: i am more confused than befroe

2005-08-11 [i3408]: Oh dear.

2006-07-06 [bookworm2290]: thank you very much, i really did get what i needed

2006-07-17 [save my sins]: i need to hyperlink it or something like that :S

2006-07-17 [save my sins]: done it yay! :) if anyone wants to know, go onto view diff on the right and look at The Wiki's Wiki Page hyperlink thingy to get an idea

2008-10-17 [Lothuriel]: Could we add the Invite system to this?

2008-10-18 [SilverFire]: Done. :3

2008-10-18 [Lothuriel]: Thanks [SilverFire]! ^__-^

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