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How to turn a quiz into an intelligent description

First off, we must remember that these quizzes are just prompts for describing ourselves. Therefore, with the correct sentence structure, you can easily turn these long, boring quizzes into an accurate and often more appealing description.

Now, let's take a sample quiz and turn it into a description.

First, the Quiz.

!*~~*! Just Some Questions !*~~*!
1) Where is your favorite place to shop?: Barnes and Nobels, when there is money for it.
2) Any tattoos or piercing: My ears, sadly. Didn't want them.
3) Do you do drugs: Once again, NO.
4) What kind of shampoo do you use: Pantee pro-v, daily renewl, I think.
5) What are you most scared of?: Being left.
6) What car do you wish you had: I don't.
7) Who is the last person that called you: Rachel.
8) Where do you want to get married: Not in a church. That's all I have to say.
9) If you could change anything about yourself you'd change: My defensiveness
10) What is the last movie you saw a a movie theature: Pirates of the Carribean 2
11) What do you have for breakfast in the morning?: Normally, nothing.
12) Who would you hate being locked up in a room with?: My family. Any one of them.
13) Who would you love being locked in a room with?: Any one of my friends.
14) What super hero would u be?: Super Ane!
15) What are you wearing right now?: Brown skirt, blank tank top, socks.
16) If you could be any where in the world, where would you be?: Snuggling Ashden. I don't care where.
17) Make up a word and a meaning to go with it: Ooooh. Gwee. And if you know me, you know the meaning. ^-^
18) Do you have any imaginary friend?: No.
19) What do you want most out of life? To be happy.
20) Who do you hate the most? People who hurt others, for whatever reason. Yes, that includes myself at times.
21) If you had the choice to be a cartoon, who would u?: Umm... Me?
22) List a word u think sounds funny: Negligant
23) What are the last 4-digits in your number: If you need to know, I've told you already.
24) If you were a crayon what color would you be: Aqua!
25) What makes you happy: Looooove! ♥
26) What sport do you hate the most: Golf. I despise it.
27) How many TV's do you have in your house: More than I need.
28) Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Lamby!!
29) Who do you tell your dreams to: Depends on the dream.
30) How much do you love your job on a scale of 1 to 10? Depends on the job I choose to do.
31) What color is your bedroom carpet? Moss green.
32) How many times did you fail your drivers test? Haven't taken it.
33) Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Any bookstore.
34) What do you do most often when you are bored? Stare at ceilings. I haaaate it.
35) Most annoying thing people ask or tell you? Why do you dress like that?
36) What is the best thing about the opposite sex? I only know one male. I like his eyes. And his lips. And his hair. And his neck. And his chest. And his... oh, well, I just like him.
37) Who makes you happiest of the opposite sex? Aaaaashden!
38)Who makes you the maddest of the opposite sex? Well.... I don't know anyone else...
39) What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? Oh... tough question! You tell me.

Now, let's turn this into something a little more intelligent.

I love reading. By favourite store is the bookstore, Barnes and Nobels. They have a ton of books there, and a coffee shop! Can it get any better? I have gotten my ears peirced, but I didn't really want to. I didn't know my friend still had money left. That, my friends, is why one must always be observant. You may just end up with a hole in your head.
Before we go any further, let me point out that I do NOT drink, I do NOT do drugs, and I do NOT smoke. I can't stand it. If you wanna, that's fine. But do it far, far away from here. And note that you don't look 'cool' in my eyes.
I don't know how to drive. I know, pathetic. But I'm really afraid of cars. Traumatic experiences, y'know? What can you do. I'm interested in motorcycles, though! Those might be fun.
I'm relatively defensive, even though I wish I could change that about myself. I can be a little bitchy when I feel I'm being attacked, or my morals are being put to the test. I'm apologizing in advance, okies? Goody!
I don't get along with my family very well. In fact, I consider my friends my 'real' family. And I have no shame admitting that. I used to beat myself up over the on-goings of my family, but now, I've moved on, and I can't say I care much.
My favourite colour is aquamarine, and I enjoy making up words (ask me about that if you want). I guess that's part o' my Aquarius nature. Spontanious. YES! I will eat your children.
Lesseee, there was a fire in my room a couple years ago (don't leave candles unattended!!), so we remodled. My carpet is now a nice moss green, like grass. It's really calming, and it makes my mother nauseas (she hates the colour green, I guess). All the better to keep her out, right?
I stare at ceilings a lot, mostly when I'm bored. I absolutely hate it. But I get bored a lot. I'm not really into sports. I play tennis every now and again, but I'm NO good. And I think golf is lame. It's not a real sport at all.
I'm completely head over heals in love with a guy, and he's the best person I know. He's always there for me, laughs with me, cries with me, comforts me, and enjoys the little things. I couldn't ask for more. So if you wanna play creepy stalker/cyber-guy with me, go somewhere else. I'm not interested.
If you wanna know something else, feel free to ask! I'm pretty easy-going, and I like meeting new people.

The Steps

1. We did not use all the questions in the description! Why? Because then the description would be way to long. A positive thing about quizzes is that they're often short. So to keep your description from getting too long, just remove some of the less important questions.

2. Elaborate! Don't just list things. Go into some detail. Make a few jokes, string together some pretty words. It adds personality and makes it much more fun to read!

3. Don't be afraid to liven things up. While this particular example doesn't have any embelishments, don't be afraid to go to Elftown Graphics and make it appealing to the eyes. Of course, you're always welcome to use your own artwork to spice it up, but if you're just not artistic, or too lazy, then ET Graphics has a wide variety.

4. Feel free to encourage others to message you. After all, this is Elftown, and it's okay to make friends and all. It also makes it easier for people approach you and ask you some questions you don't have answered. If you're having problems with unsavory people messaging you, there's always the option of making rules.

That's about it! If you have anymore questions, feel free to message [Moonlit Serenade], and she'll be pleased to answer. And don't hesitate to advertise this page.

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