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Veterinarians Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Shampoo review

Our chubby Siamese, Brillo, is incredibly prone to hot spots. This is definitely a problem for him as much as it is for my husband and me. We don’t want our cat to be in pain, and so we provide for him Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo. We really love this product, especially as it is intended for use on both cats.

Hot spots are easy to recognize as they are painful, red, open sores on cat and/or dogs’ flesh. These hot spots MUST be treated as soon as possible, as they will otherwise grow and freely spread to other areas of the pets’ body, which is entirely undesirable. 

The Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo itself is moderately thick in consistency. As far as color goes, the product is almost light-yellow in color, though it is fairly transparent as well. I must say though, this product does not smell good! The Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo smells more like a medicine than anything else, which isn’t entirely unexpected given its purpose.  

Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo works when one combines an ounce of the shampoo with eight ounces of regular water. After combining these two things, one may then pour the mixture over their pet, preferably directly over and onto the pets’ hot spots. Afterward, the Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo may be massaged into pets’ skin to work up a later, and then it may be rinsed away. Be certain that the entire product is rinsed off!

Ingredients for the product include Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Panthenol, and Vitamin E.

So far in using Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo on our Brillo, the itching seems to have abated quite a bit. Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo does help to reduce dandruff flakes (which Brillo has always had in excess), dry skin and other skin and fur issues. The product helps to add a bit more moisture to the fur and skin, which really does help Brillo to not itch so much, we’ve caught him scratching and chewing on himself a lot less since we’ve begun to use this product. 

Overall, I have found that Natural Care Itch Relief Hot Spot Shampoo to be a decent product. The shampoo did not stop Brillo from itching entirely, so I cannot say that it is a perfect product. Additionally, the product is rather expensive and doesn’t last too long, so it is a bit of an investment. However, I do recommend it for home treatment of hot spots for both cats and dogs, as the product does work quite well after repeated use. 

Pros: It works after a few applications, easy to use.
Cons: Expensive.
The Bottom Line: A decent but not perfect pet product!

/ [Nioniel]

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