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Hot Fuzz review

Hot Fuzz is another great comedy from the comedy duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Also from Shawn of the Dead). This time they play the roles of Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman, two British Police Constables who find themselves in the middle of a huge conspiracy being disguised as a series of "accidents"

Sargent Nick Angel is a big city police officer from London who, after making everyone else look bad by being so good, gets transferred to the small village of Sanford, where he is teamed up with PC Danny Butterman who happens to be a police action movie nut and longs for the kind of action that he sees in those movies.

It isn't long till boring old Sanford gets a little bit more interesting as these horrible accidents start befalling important members of the village. Not one to believe this excuse, Sargent Angel begins his own small investigation which is met with crude and vulgar ridicule at every corner by his fellow officers, minus Danny who goes along with him on his theory.

This movie is a great flick and one that I can't stop watching over and over again. If you enjoyed Shawn of the Dead then you will absolutely, positively love this film. It has many other great actors in it including: Bill Nighy, Timothy Dalton, and Martin Freeman.

/ [Lord Josmar]

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2011-07-29 [iippo]: Epic movie! And good review :)

2011-07-30 [Lord Josmar]: Thanks. I loved this one which is good considering I didn't care much for Shawn of the Dead.

2011-07-30 [iippo]: I haven't actually seen Shawn yet.

2011-07-30 [Lord Josmar]: It is a sub-par film in my opinion. Had a chance to be very good, but missed the mark a few times.

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