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2012-06-15 [Arlena]: The little boy listened in horror as the sounds of the quickening steps becae closer with each passing second. The crackling leaves and sticks on the ground sent chills down his spine as he waited for the pursuer to catch up to him. A circle of light shined down on him through the spaces of the trees. A numbing breeze blew silently through the woods causing him to collapse to the ground with his arms tightly squeezed around his chest. Every ounce of warmth had left his body and every thought left his mind.
Footsteps came to a slow walk as they neared him . Lifting his head, hecouldsee a shadowed figure standing amongst the darkness of the trees. Hours soomed to go by, by the time the shadowed figure moved again. It started to run around him in the darkness, avoiding the trees and each lap, got faster; a speed so fast that it was inhuman. Shaking his head fiercely from side to side, he gasped and froze when everything went silent. The moaning of the wind had even died down to a dull whisper.
Cold hands rested themselves upon his shoulders and slowly curled until the pain white nails pressed again his skin. Long brown hair surrounded his head and drapped over his neck and chest. The pounding of his heartbeat echoes in his ears. His body begane to shake as he desperately gasped for air. A sharp pain exploded in his shoulds. Cocking his head to the side, he saw the light grey color of his shirt turn dark red around the skinny fingers that buried deep into his skin.
He let out a pained scream as he quickly pulled away. Tears poured down his hot red cheeks. The footsteps once again were heard as they circled aroud him once again. Suddenly, they stopped right in front of him. He stared at the feet and slowly brought his gaze up. They wore dark blue jeans shredded every few inches and covered with blood and dirt stains that curved tightly around their legs. A shirt that barely came to the top of the jeans looked the same, all tore up and dirty, that shaped the curvy dainty body perfectly. He quickly realized that his follorwer was a young woman.
"Who are you? What do you want?!" he screamed demandingly as he looked her in the face. His eyes widened in shock as he stared into the beautiful brown eyed girl. She seemed familiar in a way. She had soft pink lips and long dark eye lashes. She took a step forward and a stream of light grazed across her pale face. "You couldn't be-" The boy was cut off mid-sentence as she lunged herself at him and tackled him to the ground. His body hit the icy earth with a thud and had the air knocked out of him. Before he could inhale, another sharp pain appeared, only this time in his neck. A ho sensation overwhelmed him as things around started to become fuzzy and dark.
His body became ice cold and she released him. His skin had faded to an off white and had shriveled like every ounce of blood had been drained from his body. She stared at his body for a second before turning and dissappearing off into the woods.

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