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Horrible Bosses review

"Horrible Bosses" seemed like it was going to be hilarious based off of the previews, so Hubby and I caught a matinee of it this afternoon. While we both enjoyed it, it turned out that it wasn't as good as either of us had thought that it would be.

"Horrible Bosses" is about three friends who hate their bosses. Out drinking together one night, the friends decide that their lives would be a hell of a lot easier and better if their bosses were dead, so they begin to discuss and plan out ways to take their bosses out of the picture. Hilarity ensues even though the plot suffers for it as the trio makes their moves to do away with their employers.

Starring Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Jamie Foxx, Donald Sutherland and more, this movie was definitely funny and the great cast was undoubtedly a large part of that. Jason Bateman and Charlie Day's deliveries of some of the lines were fantastic, and wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining if they had been delivered by lesser actors.

Since this film was "R"- rated, there were scenes of sexuality, violence, and "fuck" was used fairly frequently. In fact, Jamie Foxx's character, "Motherfucker Jones," had a few particularly amusing scenes in the film that would most certainly not be suitable for those wishing to avoid hearing "fuck" too much. There wasn't a lot of nudity in the film; most of the sexual scenes were heavily implied without being shown.

I enjoyed this film, and I could see myself watching it another time or two, but despite the fact that it was funny throughout, the plot was predictable in a pretty disappointing way. However, if you're a fan of any of the main cast of this film, it might be worth checking out. I'm a fan of Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development") and Charlie Day ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), so those two actors really made the movie, for me.

Happy viewing! :)
/ [Nioniel]

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2011-07-10 [Alexi Ice]: Wanna' see this one, too!

2011-07-10 [Alexi Ice]: Have you ever seen 'the Switch?' That's my favorite Jason Bateman movie!

2011-07-10 [Nioniel]: Not yet, but I'm planning to see it soon. :)

2011-07-10 [Alexi Ice]: It is soooo cute!

2011-07-30 [Lord Josmar]: I thought this was one of the best movies of the year! Especially when they leave their friend out in the car and he is jamming to the music and messing with the seat.

2011-07-31 [Nioniel]: :)

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