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2005-02-20 13:37:06
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You don't need permission, just sign up =)

1. [Siamese Strawberries] Creator of Chang Wang Fans
2. [Vilarus] Keeper of The Chang and Owner of Chang Wang Fans (thank you Leabie)
3. [.1] anythign for you!!!
4. [Draconius] Gaurdian of the Chang
5. [DeadHead] wow.. this is randome :/
6. [The Chronicles of Faelan]
7. [oran] I will take over

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2004-11-20 [Siamese Strawberries]: please join my wiki!!

2004-11-21 [nathon829]: this is awsome

2004-11-23 [Siamese Strawberries]: SHH!! chrissy you're gonna give it away!!

2004-11-23 [Siamese Strawberries]: nathon you should join lol

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