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this is for the Britannians characters.all nightmare solders get lance alots

place characters here

Username:[King of Thorns]
Description: (See image)
Personality: loves to fight and only loyal to Britannia
Other: good with guns and has major skills at sword fighting
History:she is trained as a deadly weapon against the 11 rebels since she was a baby a genius at battles and has no troubles at getting out of them she killed her own parents at 13. now at 20 she is there secret weapon
Nightmare Name:black knight(stealth system and 360 degree sheild)
geass:sense other geass and shuts them down if in 200 feet of her immune to all other geass

Name:Vincient Marcire
Description: A tall man with long brown hair that hangs down. He wears a tan shirt with a heavy red trench coat, black pants and tall boots. He has a red eye patch over his right eye and his left arm is prosthetic.
Personality: Vincient is a very serious man who always obeys orders, but he also has a soft caring side and will show mercy. He is also known as 'The Gravedigger' in the army because he makes a grave on the battlefield for each man he killed.
History:The family Vincient was born into was one of the least reputable amonst the Britanians, so he was often looked down upon, and made fun of. When he was in 19 his one of his closest friends was Killed in Action. He joined the army and vowed to make up for his friend. He is currently a General.
Nightmare: Gearfried Mk I (Will be designed soon.)

code geass

Username (or number or email):


2009-06-08 [Goma]: ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!!

2009-06-08 [Goma]: I've watched the Anime and was reading nightmare of Nunally but never finished

2009-06-09 [King of Thorns]: your lower rank then me this isn't any code geass rp there is a new spin

2009-06-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: I think he means the rp.

2009-06-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ask King of thorns, he can catch you up.

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