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Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest

Hosted by [Blaithin]

Now Open!


Hello and welcome to a promotional as well as contributional (is that a word? :P) contest for Holiday Cheer. Holiday Cheer is a community wiki created to enhance community relations. Unfortunately we’ve been short of well wishers and contributors but hopefully this contest will change it :)



To create winter or Christmas scenes either through artwork (paint, pencil, ink, etc.) or through photography and photomanipulations. The selected pieces of artwork will be used as Anonymous Greetings and when sent, the message will include you as the artist, thus promoting your work :)


1. All work must be your own and must follow the Uploading Art Rules.

2. No nudity, violence or other disturbing images please. This is holiday imagery not graphically upsetting material :)

3. Up to three (3) entries unless I decide to change it later on in which case it will be noticeably posted.

4. All images must be uploaded to ET. This is an ET based wiki and the images must always be available.

5. Include a message that can be sent with the greeting. Examples can be found at Anonymous Greetings

6. No begging for people to use your greeting! You can bring attention to the wiki and suggest they send a greeting but don't urge them to use yours. If it is discovered that you have, the image will be disqualified.


There will be two levels of judging. The first will be by anonymous poll for each category, art and photography. The second will be for the Grand Champion Greeting in either category. This will be decided by the public based on which greeting is used most in Anonymous Greetings! This means the Grand Champion will have been promoted most!


November 30th, 2011


HCGC Art Entries

HCGC Photography Entries


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2006-09-12 [Artsieladie]: Just a teeny-tiny suggestion? Don't you mean "but don't urge them to use yours", instead of "but do urge them to use yours"? o.o

2006-09-12 [Blaithin]: Yep I do XD Thanks for pointing that out :)

2006-09-12 [Artsieladie]: I just didn't want there to be confusion when I know it's a point that you want adhered to. YW! :D 

2006-09-22 [krickit]: I'm a floral designer can I use that as a medium?

2006-09-23 [Blaithin]: Definetely, especially if you use chrysanthemums and other Christmas plants. As long as it's seasonal then anything works :)

2006-11-15 [Forever Equine]: I'd love to join and just finished my piece. I'm guessing that a photomanip falls under art...correct?

2006-11-15 [Blaithin]: Yep, that'll work.

2007-02-27 [kittykittykitty]: When is this contest beginning voting?
I would it's status on Art Contests to be updated, as the deadline has passed :)

2011-08-18 [iippo]: Is old work allowed?

2011-08-18 [Blaithin]: Yep, sure is [iippo] :)

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